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NEWteacherwithapps BrainPOP Featured Movie (geared to 3rd Grade and up) is awesome and it is FREE!  This app features an informative, amusing, animated movie everyday and is accompanied by an interactive quiz, that keeps your score. "Our curriculum-based topics span Math, Science, Social Studies, English, Engineering, Technology, Arts & Music, and Health." This month’s content is spotlighting science. Yesterday’s movie was all about Leonardo Da Vinci and I came away with new knowledge and a smile on my face! Today's movie was all about fireworks. We learned that elements are used to give the fireworks their color.   Who knew that sodium was used to make yellow, lithium for red, barium for green, copper for blue? We learned this and more from Tim and his pal Moby, the video's feature characters - a young boy and his sidekick robot. Moby communicates in beeping noises (think R2D2 from Star Wars) and Tim translates.

mobi-and-tim1-150x150In addition, this app has an option, for "More BrainPOP", which is a sampling of movies from BrainPOP’s various curriculum areas, available everyday on their website. Basically you could consider it a teaser for their full version, which is web-based and paid by subscription, or just be delighted that they share this snippet and give you something else to look forward to each day.  If you like what you see in the app, you may consider subscribing to their website.

Jayne has been using their website for years but now that she's found the app, BrainPOP Featured Movie has become part of her everyday life. It teaches and reviews new content. Everyday is a new surprise. It's a super fun, motivating learning tool. Kids love the quizzes and will take them over and over until they get a perfect score.  This app is all about content, content, content! BrainPOP Featured Movie is simple, clean, and great fun for the whole family. It offers wonderful opportunities for family discussions. This app comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by TeachersWithApps and don't hesitate to try it with younger children. This app is exactly what kids need.  
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  2. How much does Brain Pop costs? If my school cannot afford this, can I just get access to Brain Pop grades 9-12 only for Science?

    • Teachers with Apps

      BrainPOP has a website for subscriptions: They have school district, classroom, media lab, library, virtual school, family, and other subscription options. Contact the subscription department for quotes, it is worth every penny! Thanks
      Jayne & Anne
      And remember the app is FREE,