Bug Art by Little Bit Studio

  m_bugart-appBug Art, by Little Bit Studio, is a perfect app to open on a brilliant spring day, it's so happy and upbeat. From the creators of the award-winning Bugs and Numbers and Bugs and Bubbles, this new app is awesome for both big and little kids. Creativity is all the buzz and Bug Art comes through with a stellar rendition of a color palette, stickers, stamps, and mini games. Kids can free paint with a vast array of colors and tools, guided tracing is provided for practice and draw. There's even an option to design your own bugs that come to life for cool interactive play. Bug Art isn’t just great fun, it has many educational benefits including problem-solving, fine motor skills, memory, and opens the mind to exploration and imagination. Guaranteed that this app will have a long shelf life, your children/students will return to draw and play over and over again. What do we like best?  Well... everything! Bug Art is a wonderfully well-executed app, whether your child is a bug lover or not. Bug Art will not disappoint! Uniquely combining the abilities to create and play, Bug Art allows your child to paint, design, and explore in a whimsically styled setting. Age Range: All Ages! 


Key Features:

• Simple and intuitive touch and tilt controls. • Complete painting activity for whatever the mind dreams. • Advanced Bug designer activity (includes a disco floor for testing creations!). • 20+ design tools, including camera and bug brushes that you can control! • 10+ backgrounds for fun art design. • 40+ stickers for instant fun (position, rotate, and scale). • 7 Interactive learn to draw bug designs. • Incredible HD retina graphics. • A Large variety of beautiful and fun music. • Multiple user profiles (even separates art by the user). • Universal app runs on all of your iOS devices (3gs and higher).


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