Coach’s Eye by TechSmith – Sports Video Analysis App

admin-aja175brc5p5sdm6 Coach's Eye, by TechSmith Corporation, is AMAZING. It lets you record, review, and improve your sports activities by giving you instant feedback; this is a MUST HAVE app for coaches of all sports. This app was given out as a freebie at the COSN Conference in March, it has taken Teachers With Apps some time to get it field-tested and reviewed. Better late than never, as this innovative app has a multitude of uses for student athletes, their teachers and of course, coaches.  You can video and review everything you see from a 50-yard dash, volleyball serve, batting practice, tennis swing, and Coaches Eye will help you in finding ways to improve whatever needs work. ad_sidebyside-1The P.E. teachers that we introduced the app to were incredibly impressed with Coach's Eye, they especially liked the variety of nifty analysis tools.  There is a slow-motion switch, and a scrubbing wheel at the bottom of the screen to help you study individual frames of the video, as well as the option to view clips side-by-side, zoom, pan, and playback. There is also the option to draw on the screen, everything from lines, arrows, circles, squares and freehand tools, switch up the color, erase and do again, and the best part is that you can add a voice-over commentary to the videos clips! Kids can’t get enough of watching themselves and what a great way to give constructive criticism and inspire better technique. VIDEO CAPTURE AND IMPORT • Record SD, HD, or HD+ videos. • Import video from your device’s Camera Roll, email, or apps like Dropbox. • Instant import of videos shared from other Coach's Eye users. • Keep your videos organized with tagging. INSTANT VIDEO ANALYSIS • Instantly review video with slow-motion playback and drawing tools. • Compare two videos with side-by-side video analysis. • Slow-motion video review is easy using our flywheel for precise video scrubbing. • Zoom and pan videos during analysis to see just the details that matter. • Draw on videos using lines, arrows, circles, squares, and freehand tools. • Create analysis videos with audio commentary, annotations, and slow-motion. YouTube Preview Image  
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