Color Uncovered: An Interactive Book for the iPad

admin-aja175imgresColor Uncovered by Exploratorium, is a gorgeous, state of the art, magazine-style app with endless educational possibilities. Color Uncovered is truly a great teaching tool that engages, delights, and encourages exploration. Each explanation is informative and detailed explaining the color phenomena associated with that particular page.imgres-2 When is yellow yellower than yellow? What color is a whisper? What's missing from the palette of Renaissance painters? How is Monet like a honeybee? What color is a whisper? Why is it so hard to find your car in a lamp-lit parking lot? The app has mini units that include scientific experiments, which can be easily conducted with a few simple household items. Each page has incredible experiences, with lots of unusual and exciting color concepts to explore.  Color Uncovered has a total of 15 mini units with interactive illusions, activities, and articles, and videos that focus on the art, physics, and psychology of color. This app has a wonderful combination of awe and humor, and kids keep coming back for more! It has that must share and show to all your friends quality. cu-screenshot Color Uncovered features a wide spectrum of cool color-related topics to explore. Learn why friends shouldn’t let men buy bananas. Try your own color experiments on the iPad using simple items you have at home: a CD case, a drop of water, and a piece of paper. Discover how the iPad and other devices create color. Find out what causes afterimages—and more. San Francisco’s Exploratorium is a popular hands-on science, art, and perception museum that’s been around for 40 some odd years and has now branched out to anyone with an iOS device. Yes, and it's great for the older kids too. This app puts anyone in the drivers’ seat and provides an exploratory approach for each experiment. The idea is to simulate the same type of educational experience visitors gets at the museum, in an app form. Color Uncovered makes it possible to visit the museum virtually.  
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  1. […] Color Uncovered by Exploratorium, is a gorgeous, state of the art, magazine-style app with endless educational possibilities.  […]