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demibooks   retinaComposer Pro, by Demibooks, is a robust tool that can be maximized in the classroom for awesome projects for any curriculum area. Basically, this app continues the age-old tradition of storytelling and does so in 21st-century style, all while fostering creativity! The company that created the 1st tablet-based platform for creating and publishing an interactive book and game apps has just today released Demibooks Composer 1.2, a free version of its Demibooks® Composer Pro, just in time for the start of the 2014 school year. Don’t let the user guide scare you, it may be daunting with all 94 pages, but the results of learning even the tip of the iceberg of this amazing teaching tool are well worth the effort. The tutorial is user-friendly and this would be the place to start. Notice all the possibilities for students to check out by looking at the demo pages. From there be brave and experiment with the many “If” and “Then” assets or behaviors available. Also, don’t let the jargon throw you, the effects editor is just a fancy name for the cool stuff you can add to any project. Let your students do the driving and see what they can come up with and let them teach the rest of the class! They even have an online support forum available where you will find FAQ and you can also ask your own questions. Screen shot 2014-09-02 at 10.27.35 PM This powerful app lets you import text, audio, and video as well as make your own animations by importing a zip file of images. The real beauty of Composer is working with the touch screen, manipulate objects easily by pinching and dragging with your fingers. Then add interactive effects using the behavior editor menu, there are many, many options for fun here! You can copy and rearrange the order. There is also the option to add physics to an object, for example, a basketball can bounce all over your page. Add audio and away we go! Other features include adding web links, delays between interactive effects, creating a table of contents with the Index and using the Master to copy objects to every page.   1024roundedDemibook offers a Schools Program (download the brochure). Schools use Composer for digital stories and presentations, introducing app and game development, as well as teaching students coding basics. Projects created by teachers and students can be shared with the Demibooks Share app, also free in the App Store.       retinaThe free Composer 1.2 version limits media types to images, text, and audio. Below are some of the features: • Portrait or Landscape layout options • Add images and audio from iTunes, Dropbox or the Photos app • Rich media library with thumbnails • Add or create text • 5 Particle Effects • Set up complex behaviors in Effects Editor through series of If-Then statements • Quickly build and organize pages, navigation, and table of contents • Add web links • Apply motion, functions, and waits (delay) to media • Make objects draggable or have them react to the accelerometer via Physics • Preview directly on the iPad • Import/Export books via iTunes • Share or publicly publish your finished app • Backup to iPad HomeHeader_v4 Demibooks and will give your students much-needed exposure to learning the coding basics. Composer approaches this in a simple yet powerful way by teaching technology through the arts. Students make choices for how they want to construct the interactive effects, see the results of their decisions and can quickly try alternatives. If you want to count how many “lines of code” you have generated, count the all  “behaviors” you’ve created for your project
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