Crack the Books. One Book. Five Reading Levels. Infinite Possibilities.

admin-aja175iTunesArtwork@2xPines to Vines - The Forest Biome, the first in the series of Crack the Books by developer Kyle Tomson of Mobile Education Store, is a masterpiece about to revolutionize the world with its 21st-century textbook model! This app is phenomenal, truly amazing, a special education teacher’s dream come true - actually any teacher's dream comes true. What's so special about this app? Well, first and foremost, it is capable of adjusting the reading level from a beginning reader, all the way up to a middle school level. The perfect solution to the age-old problem of having books that half the class can't read! On the other side, these settings allow for advanced students to work at their own level as well, pretty nifty. Pines to Vines is the first in a series of educational books with extensive multimedia, including pristine photographs, engaging videos, interactive maps, globes and glossary, a built-in teacher manual, and user-friendly assessment tools! With all the focus on Common Core, and raising the bar for our students, this app will be a front-runner in leading the way to a sound educational system.

"Crack the Books. One book. Five reading levels. Infinite possibilities."

-2Get ready for your jaw to drop, Crack the Books is stunning, and by far the most innovative educational tool to emerge in the digital industry to date. Seriously, this app needs to be in every school and translated into as many different languages as possible. This digital book was designed to the National Academy of Sciences standards and supports 2nd – 6th-grade curriculum. The visual and interactive features support all students in learning and comprehending the world in a whole new way. This is one of those books that you could just get lost in and forget to come up for air. Custom animations have been included to help understand abstract concepts, and visuals have labels and captions to aid in reinforcement. Now for the FUN factor:  Kids will finally get a chance to enjoy non-fiction and specific curriculum through adventure and exploration. Pines for Vines lets each student progress at his or her own pace, learning can now be adapted to individual children, rather than all students trying to adapt to one traditional text. Special bookmarks with the different student's names are provided, as well as a very cool feature of choosing to enlarge or reduce the text size, according to preference. Teachers With Apps can't rave enough about Pines for Vines. Find out about all the other incredible state of the art components for yourself by downloading Pines for Vines now. What are you waiting for? HURRY, you need to see to believe! -1 Watch Crack the Books video on Mobile Education Store's website Teachers With Apps had a chance to converse with Kyle Tomson from the Mobile Education Store. We asked about his inspiration for this text series, here is what he had to say:
"As has been the case with so many of our apps, our daughter Caitlyn was the inspiration for Crack the Books.  She has always struggled with reading comprehension, and as she was getting older, this was morphing into the problem that she didn't WANT to read.  As we were brainstorming with her teachers about what to do about this, her fourth grade teacher mentioned that Caitlyn wasn't the only student they were having problems with.  Half her class deviated so far from reading at grade level, both above and below, that she was losing her mind trying to keep all of her students interested and motivated in the material.  This is when it hit us - what if we could create a product that would re-engage struggling readers like Caitlyn and give them visual reinforcements with the text, WHILE AT THE SAME TIME keep regular ed and gifted students engaged and challenged in the material.  If we then could give teachers a way to easily match the reading level to each student, we would have something that would fix the most pressing problem in elementary classrooms. It would give teachers a knob that they do not have today - and as an added bonus, it would cost schools a fraction of what they currently spend on textbooks because they would have the flexibility to use a single textbook across multiple grades and with all students, regardless of their reading proficiency.  Save schools millions of dollars, make the curriculum available  to every student and help all students develop a love for reading.  That was an opportunity to change the world that I couldn't pass up, despite the enormity of the project. Our first books available will cover forests, grasslands and oceans, with textbooks covering deserts, freshwater habitats and cycles coming in late 2013. Look for more titles covering earth, physical and social sciences in early 2014."


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  1. James Nuttall

    I’ve checked in the setting “read text aloud”. How do I get it to read text aloud?

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  4. Jackie Bryla Jackie Bryla

    This is AWESOME!