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mzl.fxknsfjf.100x100-75-1imgres-1Curious George Goes Camping and Curious George and the Firefighters are two book apps by the partnership of Tribal Nova and Houghton Mifflin, and WOW! There are all kinds of wonderful things going on in these two new renditions of one of our all-time favorite characters. Yes, George is Curious and we adore the new take on how he behaves in this app. For one, the page appears blurry and peaks your interest while you wait for it to come into focus... and load. A rather ingenious twist on the usual “loading” window seen when turning pages in a book app. Two, we like how just one word per page is highlighted and when touched, it is given a visual reference as to what the word represents in a very playful way. They call it “living words” in the settings menu. The living is a great adjective as these two Curious George apps really seem to come alive and hook the reader in with research-based learning methods. photo-1Both books are just right for now or anytime as camping and firefighters are year round topics for preschoolers and primary students. The Curious George Goes Camping tugs on the heartstrings as mischievous George gets himself in the usual tangle, this time with a skunk! Of course, he saves the day and protects the forest animals and the roasting of marshmallows over a campfire is a sweet ending. The class field trip to the fire station in Curious George and the Firefighters isApp-Store_Curious-George_Firefighters_theater_EN certainly not lacking for excitement, as the adventure is epic for any youngster. Naughty George takes off in the fire truck, with all the firefighters racing to put out a blaze. He ends up in his usual heroic role by amusing the children with his juggling during the scary fire scenario. Learning about safety is paramount for all youngsters. Of course, the man with the yellow hat is never too far off to rescue George from himself. These two brilliant classic interactive apps promote a participatory reading experience for both parents and children. Context-related questions and hints pop up to encourage dialogue and closer reading, words and images come alive with sound and animation, and children can build and narrate their own stories with stamps, sounds, and their own voice recordings. iRW_CG-Camping_en


Speech and oral language: vocabulary, phonological awareness, emergent literacy concepts, narrative skills and comprehension strategies. TAP WORDS Touch living words to trigger fun sounds and animations! ENGAGING ANIMATIONS Animations are tied to the story to create a meaningful experience. Tap them to find a surprise! CHOOSE YOUR AVATAR Select an avatar to personalize your reading experience. RECORD YOUR OWN VOICE Important words can be recorded. Children can also create and record their own dialogue lines. STORYTELLING ACTIVITY Play with Curious George and his friends and create your own animated stories in the Story Theatre! PROFESSIONAL NARRATION Choose to have the story automatically narrated, always after a first shared reading experience. READ THE STORY AGAIN! There are three reading levels with more living words to discover, and new prompts to engage conversation. Based on Margret and H. A. Rey’s children’s book and the hit PBS KIDS TV series, this animated story featuring Curious George is part of iRead With, an innovative read-aloud program created to foster language development and help preschoolers get ready to read.  
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