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admin-aja175icon_256Math can be so much fun with BinaryLabs Dexteria Dots app.  This app offers hands-on learning with the use of dots by combining and separating with a simple touch or swipe of the finger. Each single dot represents a numeric value. Users will learn basic math skills that are critical in cementing a strong math foundation; adding, subtraction, greater than and less than. Three options of play (Combine, Separate, or Both) contain four levels of challenge (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert).  Dexteria Dots offers so many opportunities for unlimited practice and play. Pic1 Each level will allow users to practice skills in order to make the connections needed to advance and use the succeeding levels.
  • Combining smaller dots with larger dots or vice versa to make the correct numeric value
  • Separating (slicing) in order to reduce the size of a dot for adding or subtracting
Pic2 It won’t take long for the user to recognize that dots have a corresponding diameter that increases in size to match the value.   In the simpler levels, each dot has a corresponding number, size, mini dots, and color.  For example, a green-3 dot is larger than a 2 dot.   As the challenge levels progress, mini dots and numbers are removed and the user will begin to associate the size and color with the value.  Encouragement is given with bonus dots and fun animations that let the user know they are on the right track.  This highly interactive app will appeal to users of many ages while they improve on essential math skills PIC3PIC4 Watch this short video clip of Dexteria Dots. Suggestions: A More in-depth “How to Play” guide would be a valuable addition in a future update and allow the user to choose the appropriate level of their ability.   About the Author -1Jackie Bryla is a school based SLPA in California. Her experience includes working with transitional kindergarten through high school age students as well as the functional skills population in the public schools. She regularly presents iPad Training for California State University Sacramento, American River College, and San Joaquin Delta College speech and language programs. Jackie is also the founder of Act – Apps, Consulting, and Training. She is an app beta tester for educational app developers. Jackie is a board member of the California Speech-Language-Hearing Association (CSHA) and is an active CSHA District 2 Advisory Committee member in the Sacramento area. Jackie received the outstanding SLPA for CSHA in 2012.
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  1. […] Math can be so much fun with BinaryLabs Dexteria Dots app. This app offers hands on learning with the use of dots by combining and separating with a simple touch or swipe of the finger.  […]