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  equate-formula-iconEquate Formula Solver, by Behzad Soltani, is an educational application that covers Math, Physics and Chemistry topics from elementary to high school. What a perfect reference tool for students and teachers. This FREE mobile app is the first of its kind, in that it's the only all in one (Math, Physics, Chemistry) formula calculator you will ever need. The developers do not indicate what grades Equatescreen568x568-2 is geared to, but its content includes relatively simple operations of arithmetic and fractions and moves all the way into more sophisticated concepts of trigonometric functions. Equate Formula Solver is available for iPad and iPhone which makes it a very convenient tool for use everywhere, especially where the access to Internet is restricted. This app is also great for students with a basic knowledge of math, physics, and chemistry, who want to refresh their memory in these corresponding formulas. One is able to find the proper content and immediately get a computation result or a required solution. There are no unnecessary distractions; each content item is accompanied by the reference to the corresponding helpful info with two examples of how to put it into practice using the corresponding formula. The app has huge potential because its structure easily allows implementing additions/changes and it covers a wide area of curriculum spanning middle school thru high school. I used the app with 5th-grade students and they were comfortable with it, but it could be too complicated for some 5th graders.  The amount of content in this app is staggering, a number of uses - AMAZING! In short, Equate Formula Solver is the perfect tool for students and teachers. It's packed with formulas in Math, Physics, and Chemistry. Students can solve, learn and practice formulas to prepare for tests and quizzes. Equate comes with built-in formula rendering, unit conversion, and entertaining instructional videos. The app is constantly updated with more formulas and videos. screen568x568screen568x568-1 Features: - Built-in unit converters - MathJax enabled, allowing for user input displays. - Unique practice problems with answers to help you study for tests! - Unique "learn it" section to further your learning! - Formula manipulation to help you check your homework! - Equation search function to find your desired formula. - Wiki linked for an enhanced reference guide. - Science quotes to keep the brain juices flowing! - Favorite your formula of choice for easy access. - Nerd Out! the section that displays all the formulas. - Share your new found knowledge with friends and students (SMS/Twitter/Facebook) - Take advantage of more than 200 formulas. - New formulas added every week! - Universal App (iPhone, iPad) - Student interaction (email us to be featured in the app!) - Nerdy instructional videos! Physics | Einstein to Newton...we got you covered - Average Acceleration - Average Speed - Average Velocity - Centripetal Acceleration and Force - Energy - Friction - Hooke’s Law - Impulse - Kinematic Equation 1 - Kinematic Equation 2 - Kinematic Equation 3 - Kinematic Equation 4 - Kinetic Energy - Momentum - Newton’s Second Law - Potential Energy - Power - Pressure - Projectile Motion and Magnitude - Work and Much MORE! Chemistry | My name is Bond, IONIC BOND! - Boyle’s Law - Charles’s Law - Ideal Gas Law - Ohm’s Law and MUCH MORE! Math | Imaginary numbers are like imaginary friends! - Circle Area - Circle Perimeter - Cube Surface Area - Cube Volume - Law of Sines - Law of Cosine - Parallelogram Area - Pythagorean Theorem - Rectangle Perimeter - Quadratic Formula - Sphere Surface Area - Square Area - Triangle Area - Triangle Perimeter - Statistical Variance and MUCH MORE! About the Author YevelYevel Belyavskiy was a software developer in St. Petersburg, Russia for more than 20 years before moving to the US in 1991. Over the next 22 years he worked at telecommunications companies as a software engineer, and as a Web designer. To help his grandkids with math, Yevel started looking for proper mobile apps but was not able to find the ones he likes. So, Yevel and his wife Tatyana founded the company Bel Math Apps and have published a few tablet, phone and desktop applications for math practice which covers the whole Number and Operations domain of Common Core Elementary School Math Standards. Yevel likes most of all to read about new high-tech devices and software development.  
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  1. […] Equate Formula Solver, by Behzad Soltani, is an educational application that covers Math, Physics and Chemistry topics from elementary to high school. What a perfect reference tool for students and teachers.  […]