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icon175x175We spent the day downloading FREE apps from the iTunes store. Quite painless, until after they were all downloaded! Then the real work began.  We did a careful study of 60+ apps, covering all different subject matters and age levels, looking for a handful worthy of a review. There are many; this is just a beginning... We promise to get back to you with more reviews and recommendations of FREE apps in the near future.  Our reviews start at a College/High School level and work down to the Pre-K/Elementary level. Take a look at the following: IMG_00381-300x225Inkling is a keeper. We could devote an entire post just to Inkling, as it is so complex. It is a free app that gives you options to download high school and college text books with a whole new twist on format! Their webpage states, “A textbook case of innovation.” As teachers this is just what we imagined and hoped it would be, only better. “Inkling brings the world’s best content to iPad with interactivity, social collaboration and simple ease-of-use. No more heavy, expensive textbooks to carry around campus.” —   New York Times. All titles in Inkling have free chapters available, so you can go into Inkling, tap on Inkling Store and sample all kinds of content, their CEO recommends Ganong's Medical Physiology. The future is here!
  • The flexibility to purchase by the chapter or by the book
  • Shared Notes that make it easy to collaborate with friends in real time
  • Integrated interactive media in every textbook title, such as movies, 3-D objects, and guided tours
  • A simple and powerful user interface that makes it easy to study
  • Interactive quizzes that help you immediately gauge your level of understanding
  • An intuitive search engine that predicts your search as you type
What really caught our eye was the book in the "library" titled  The Elements of Style. Chapter 1: Some Basic Rules of Usage Chapter 2: Building Blocks of Good Writing Chapter 3: Common Mistakes Appendix: A Modern Addendum. What doesn't student need this information a tap away? For that matter, many adults could use this reference material! icon175x175Last, but not least, we have a little gem for you.  How To Draw, by Mind the Kids Ltd., is an adorable tutorial on how to draw. They suggest that you get your own paper, preference of drawing tool and follow along. Follow the instructions and draw on your screen. See how easy it is. You may start with a cat. It's really simple. If it goes well don't be afraid of the "Skeleton" episode! It's the most difficult but you can do it. This application works on iPhone but to be frank it's quite hard on this device. If you have an IPad it's very likely that you'll fall in love with "How to Draw".  Have a go - you've got nothing to loose. As you progress through the app you are given options to see visual Once Again, Step Back a page, or go to Next Step. mzl.dvsmavnm.1024x1024-65  
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