Felt Board – Mother Goose on the Loose by Software Smoothie

  external_linkFelt Board – Mother Goose on the Loose by Software Smoothie is a simple yet super app for any parent/teacher who may want to keep nursery rhymes alive and continue this tradition for yet another generation. The origins of nursery rhymes differ and it is thought that the oral form dates back to ancient times. Today, most every primary teacher includes rhyme time with their students on a daily basis. It has been argued that nursery rhymes set to music aid in a child's development. Research also supports the assertion that music and rhyme increase a child's ability in spatial reasoning, which leads to greater success in school in the subjects of mathematics and science. And according to Wikipedia these rhymes seem to have come from a variety of sources, including traditional riddles, proverbs, ballads, drinking songs... Most nursery rhymes date from the 16th to the 18th centuries. Many were originally composed for adult entertainment depicting historical events and have long lost their connection. Teachers with apps were beaten to the punch and we don't think we can sum it up any better than Jackie Bryla did, "A 21st Century learning gem! The Mother Goose theme is a must have for those educating young children. Preschools, early childhood learning environments, special needs programs, and parents of youngsters will love this app. Mother Goose favorites are all wrapped up into this wonderful app. I love that parents and educators alike can enjoy this app along with children. Sing songs, tap along with fun musical instruments, visually experience concepts like up / down with the felt board pieces and corresponding rhyme. It is an excellent and well thought out app that is sure to be pleasing to any user. Software Smoothie can pat themselves on the back for another outstanding app that brings some literature history to our modern day technology!" Jackie Bryla, ACT – Apps Consulting & Training


This app is a collaborative effort by Dr. Betsy Diamant-Cohen, Mother Goose on the Loose, and Software Smoothie, developers and creators of the original Felt Board app. Mother Goose on the Loose is research based, fun-filled and of course interactive - giving parents an easy excuse to hang with the youngest in the house. Personally, I would like to see an update where Jack and Jill could meet up with Little Miss Muppet, but the developers have kept it simple. When the sidebar is touched all the pieces fall just like Humpty Dumpty. Felt Board – Mother Goose on the Loose can be used by parents and children at home, in early childhood programs, and by librarians as a supplement to the Mother Goose on the Loose parent-toddler program. Help Little Bo Peep find her lost sheep and dance them around the screen together in time to the music.  Guide Jack and Jill up and down the hill and march with the Grand Old Duke of York.  Sound effect buttons like rhythm sticks, rattles, and a rain stick are included for young children to interact with songs and rhymes as they are played. humptydSongs and rhymes include instruments and all the classics are represented, from Old Mother Goose, Goosey Goosey Gander, Jack and Jill, Jack Be Nimble, Two Little Monkeys, Humpty Dumpty, Little Bo Peep, Little Miss Muffet, Hickory Dickory Dock, Eency Weency Spider, Row Row Row Your Boat, and then some. Children can move felt pieces, sing, and tap along with popular nursery rhymes and songs. This new app is free! Don't miss the original Felt Board app by Software Smoothie for the older kids!  
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