Fierce Gray Mouse

  Fierce Grey Mouse, by Tizio BV, is an outstanding book turned app and a priceless addition to any child’s digital library. It tells a tale with such sincerity, and clearly gets the lesson delivered in such an adorable and understated way that children will want to return to this story over and over again! The author and developer undoubtedly worked very closely together to have achieved such a masterpiece. Every conceivable option was taken into consideration here and implementation is seamless.  You can change the original words to an easier to read font or choose which dialect of English you want. Ultimately, you have a choice of three different languages and seven, make that eight, wonderfully different narrators. And if that's not enough the app also includes memory games and coloring pages. Read along and watch the Little Grey Mouse as he dreams of wild animals, he does his exercises, eats his porridge, and drinks his milk; He practices the all important roaring and bouncing skills too. But what happens when his friends, Edie the duck and Kay the piglet want to play with Little Grey Mouse and only find Fierce Grey Mouse? Now you’ll have to go find out how this darling story ends and how the friendships fare. Beware! Your child may want to read this over and over again until they have exhausted all the possible narration options! You will not be disappointed!          


★ Each page is uniquely hand-drawn and painted by award-winning illustrator Chantal Bourgonje ★ 2 font types: the cut-out font for a fun look and a standard font for easy reading ★ Narration in 3 different languages (English, Spanis, and Dutch) ★ English version has 5 separate narrations (Great Britain, North American, Australian, New Zealand, and Irish) ★ Child’s voice (Daisy) narration option ★ You can change the language and the font of the story in the options screen in the middle of the story ★ There are sounds and animations on every page of the storybook ★ Option to mute reading voice while still hearing the core sounds of the book. ★ 2 colouring pages ★ 2 level memory matching game

We loved reading and seeing the diagrams of how this app went from a book to an app after stumbling across the author’s blogThe first thing we did was brainstorm ideas for each page. What can be done with each picture in the book? Can we animate pieces? And what should it do if it is animated? Does it need sounds? Is it suitable for a mini-game? When we had a full list ready, we also came up with some ideas of extra things we could offer. Chantal Bourgonje  
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