Four Little Corners – Simple storybook app with a powerful message

icono 4esquinitas ios7 512 EN-1Four Little Corners, by DADA Company, is a simple storybook app with a sophisticated message - fitting in with your peers can be as difficult as fitting a square peg through a round hole. Wow! Four Little Corners is digital masterpiece, based on the original book by Jérôme Ruillier, whoseimgProduct0_105 message is a timeless classic. We LOVE this unassuming yet profound story/app; it is a delightfully darling little tale that has such a powerful message! Four Little Corners reinforces integral values such as friendship, integration, equality participation, comradeship, and social justice. The message that it is just fine to be different comes through loud and clear!  “Four Little Corners” makes a perfect book for young readers as well as teenagers to be reminded of what is really important. The author uses simplistic concepts to signify objects and ideas, a taut piece of string represents  an argument, a bit of cardboard for a man who lives on the streets, colors to represent emotions and of course a square and circles represent the children.

When field-testing this app, the younger children were enthralled with this app, which lends itself to scores of teachable moments. We found the older kids were equally engaged in the story and had a great time making predictions along the way. 001-screenshot-esquinitas-960x640-EN1-e1362068817594

This book-inspired app demonstrates that the translation from print to digital needn’t be sophisticated, as long as a good story is involved. The underlying message — that childhood can be a time when fitting in is difficult — struck a chord with the jurors, who noted “Geometric forms have never been so moving or funny. SHAPES HAVE NEVER BEEN SO ENTERTAINING OR EMOTIVE The main character is a small square, Little Square, whose friends are all small circles, the Little Circles. They are all playing together, but when it is time to go into the house, Little Square cannot go in with his friends because the door is round. They all try to solve the problem, but will they succeed? Will Little Square’s friends help him?
  • Enables the child to share experiences with his or her family through quality entertainment.
  • Encourages learning and stimulates the child’s narrative skills.
  • Transmits universal educational values (tolerance, equality, solidarity, etc.) in a fun way.
  • The child touches the screen to see the characters having fun and interacting.
  • Teaches colors and simple shapes.
  • Original soundtrack.
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