Grandma Loves Bugs

  icon_256FairLady Media has a virtual "buggy" hit with Grandma Loves Bugs.  Choose from ten different games with an emphasis on-1 numbers, colors, matching and identifying.  As a teacher, I loved the spelling game as it forces the student to put the letters in order and not be able to make random guesses.  As with Fairlady Media's other wonderful apps, there is a real life application.  Kids will love to use the magnifying glass to "spy," and look over a real grasshopper.  This would be a good station activity during science lessons on insects.  Grandma's voice is perfect and always positive, giving directions and extra advice.  The directions help guide children to be successful with eye-hand coordination, such as helping the baby bird get its food.  Children will use their own creativity in building a spider web, taking a picture of their work and then seeing the surprise! This app is suggested for children ages 5 and under. However, many older children will enjoy this game themselves or while helping a younger brother and sister.  This game is 50% off this weekend so creep and crawl to the App Store now. -2-3               About the Author AnnFrancis1Ann Francis is a die hard special education teacher of who believes everyone can learn. She has been using iPads in the classroom for three years and it has totally changed the way she instructs. Ann also offers professional development on collecting data with apps, training teachers on apps and using the iPad.
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