Green$treets: Unleash the Loot! App Teaches Kids Money Management

admin-aja175timthumbGreen$treets: Unleash the Loot!, by GreenStreet Commons Inc., is an innovative new app to teach kids money management and give them a sense of environmental responsibility. Green$treets got rave reviews from all the kids and when asked why we couldn't argue with their answers. Below is a sampling of what the students had to say: "It feels good inside when you help an animal" “I’m saving money and giving to charity to help others” "We need to recycle and reuse our stuff." "It is teaching you how to share and save money to help the planet." "Well, I love Green$treets because it's helping me learn about money for when I'm an adult." Who wouldn’t want their children to play with this app after hearing these comments? This is a complex app with lots going on but the developers have made sure that navigation is clear and the interface is clean. Put it in a child’s hands and they will have it all figured in no time. Best part, they are learning life-long lessons that are difficult to teach and all the while, they are having tons of fun! Meet the Green$treets characters here:

Green$treets: Empowering Kids to be Money Savvy and Environmentally Responsible

Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees: A Parent’s Guide To Raising Financially Responsible Children, #1 on The New York Times, Best Seller’s List was written by Neale Godfrey, she has been involved in the Kids and Money field since 1988. The Green$treets system has been developed over the last 30 years in books and financial literacy curricula used throughout educational systems across the country and around the world. Kids play with a variety of characters, each with their own unique financial and ecological personalities, designed by award-winning Tom Hester, creator of Shrek.

Kids don’t even realize that they are learning essential money and math skills:6a010534998f56970b017c37aade3a970b

  •  Setting Goals
  •  Budgeting
  •  Earning Money
  •  Saving & Spending Decision Making
  •  Giving to Charity
  •  Borrowing and Repaying Money
  •  Buying Insurance
Join the fun in the magical town of Green$treets by rescuing endangered animals! Earn money by planting a beautiful garden, by tossing items in the treehouse using a catapult, creating robots from recycled junk, saving energy around the house and keeping Shmootz™, the gooey slob who is always making a mess, from ruining all the fun! After the animals are rescued, take care of them by feeding and playing with them until they are ready to go home. shmootz_happens When we first looked at Green$treets we were a little put off by the graphics but once we started using the app, it won us over. Green$treets is an engaging, innovative way to teach kids ages 5-10 about money and responsibility, through animal rescue and the need to go green in all areas of the environment. Kids love it and they are LEARNING!  
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