Hello, Baby Animals! by Shortstack

  hello-baby-animalsHello, Baby Animals! by Shortstack is simply adorable and so engaging that you won't be able to keep your toddler or yourself away. What could be more fun than playing with these darling baby animals? The app rhymes throughout which is great reading readiness preparation for any blossoming preschooler or kindergartener. Rhyming is one of the oldest and most empowering techniques used to build a solid foundation in phonemic awareness, it helps pave the way to learning to "sound out" words, count syllables, and fine tune listening skills. A major component of reading, rhyming and readiness is repetitive patterning, the child begins to innately know what comes next. Best part: kids are learning, unbeknownst to them, as they are having fun, fun, fun! The kids we worked with LOVED Hello, Baby Animals! and later we overheard them reciting lines from the app while involved in a totally different activity. Love it! Wake up with a fawn at dawn! Pick out a wig for a pig! Help a pup reach a cup! Play rock and roll with a foal! The app features 10 different scenes with baby animals, with hidden interactive elements on every screen. Updates with more animals coming soon. Kids will learn the names of baby animals, laugh, gain confidence with their ability to uncover hidden surprises, and will want to play over and over (and over!) Enjoy beautiful illustrations by beloved children's book author Divya Srinivasan.  
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