HippoSeasons App is in a Class of its Own

  images-5HippoSeasons, by Hippotrix, is at the head of a class, and this class includes the youngest tots to the eldest senior citizens. This app teaches the four seasons in an open-ended exploratory kind of play using all the power of the iPad and incorporating stunning visuals. With no text or spoken word, this app delights old and young alike and has no boundaries with nationalities, making it a truly global experience. The toys we played with all had their favorites, they also would play together and were just as happy to take turns. Older kids were just as mesmerized and found all kinds of new ways to play through exploration, the camera was a big hit with them. Hippo Seasons will not disappoint, the more you play the more ways you will discover little hidden surprises and these bonuses extend playtime and delight the users like never before!

Crunch in leaves! Roll a snowball! Plant bulbs! Mow the lawn! Fun exploratory play to educate and entertain with a beautiful soundscape. Spin, swipe, tap - then 'take a snapshot' to share your creations in the Hippotrix Gallery! Play, draw and experiment in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

  • Learn about the four seasonsphoto-6
  • Play & explore endlessly
  • Serene calming music
  • Easy to navigate
  • No in-app purchases
  • No advertising to distract

photoWe just passed the app along to a social worker who deals with Alzheimer's patients. It's part Koi Pond with soothing visuals... it just might help.photo-5

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