I Love My Dad by Snappyant

  mzl.bwdjezff.175x175-75I Love My Dad, by Snappyant, is perfect for Father's Day, and all year round! This app is pure pleasure in all respects - from the adorable line drawings, and a beautiful love story to the snappy original music - this app has it all! Attention to detail has been given to each and every component in this story. This best-selling book, by Anna Walker, has been transposed into a tender app. Its minimalist approach to design works in its favor as every animation compliments the text in its simplest form. The exquisite book becomes an exquisite app, I Love My Dad is sure to become a classic ebook that will be shared over and over again with all members of the family. Check out Snappyant's other app, My Mom's the Best for an another great read. Meet Ollie, a gorgeous lively Zebra and Fred the dog. Help Ollie play and enjoy a fun day with Dad by touching any of the characters on the page to make them move. Make a cake, go to the park, ride a bicycle and climb a tree full of singing birds. Soon it is time for bed and Dad fall asleep reading to Ollie. 


Features: -Age-appropriate story for 2+ - An irresistibly charming story that will have your child coming back for more -High-quality original music and sound that will make you want to dance -Delightful traditional cell animation -Beautiful artwork by an award-winning illustrator -Professional reading -Intuitive navigation -Simple page turning icons which come on 5 seconds after the page appears so that children can explore and play with the animations. -Index page option so you can easily go to your favorite page -All images are animated or interactive. Discover something new on the page with each reading. -Ad-free -No in-app purchases

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