iLuv Drawing Animals – Learn how to draw 40 animals step by step

  iLuv Drawing Animals, by My Vijan - How many times have you heard a child say, "How do I draw a (insert animal name)?" This app answers that question and a whole lot more! iLuv Drawing Animals is a unique art app designed for anyone who wants to learn to draw and offers 40 popular animals to trace & color. Once the masterpiece is complete, it's easy to save the artwork to the apps’ own drawing book, in your devices’ photo library, or share them via email and Facebook! Built to work as a learning tool, this app perfectly balances fun with education and is intuitive enough to ensure it's accessible to kids of almost any age (Adults are loving it too!). A full array of easy editing options including an eraser, as well as redo, undo, and restart buttons are offered, and young artists can choose between six different brush stroke sizes when creating their artwork! Feel like starting from scratch? No problem, iLuv Drawing Animals includes blank drawing pages where users can doodle to their hearts’ content! Kids can even choose to put the animals they create in front of thirty uniquely themed backgrounds and textures. We just wish something like this had been available to us when we were little, we would have LOVED it!  
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  1. […] year ago, Teachers With apps, reviewed the app iLuv Drawing Animals which featured 40 different animals.  MyVijan has built all of their apps to work as a learning […]

  2. Hi, we also have new title, ‘iLuv Drawing People’ where kids learn the basics of drawing people. They can color, decorate and “DRESS-UP” the finished drawing and share it with friends and family.