iTooch 1st and 2nd Grade | Math and Language Arts worksheets

unnamedunnamed-1 iTooch Elementary by eduPad has just launched the long-awaited iTooch 1st Grade | Math and Language Arts worksheets for 1st graders and iTooch 2nd Grade | Math and Language Arts worksheets for 2nd graders to the development of their brilliant and best educational apps. photoThese new apps add to the collection of educational activities based on the US National Common Core State Standards. The First and Second Grade Language Arts comprises of four themes directly correlating to the CCSS:  Foundational Skills, Language, Reading for Information and Reading Literature. These four themes contain a total of 50 chapters.  Each chapter has a wide variety of questions in various formats, multiple choice, touch (text) selection and fills in the blank.  The playful activities allow the user to touch the adorable iTooch character for a lesson that can assist with learningimgres-1 skills and concepts before beginning the questions or as review and reinforcement throughout the lesson. The iTooch character rewards correct answers with humorous gestures such as thumbs up, peace sign, or the toot of a horn just to name a few.  His gestures for incorrect responses are just as comical and students were never discouraged by incorrect responses and enjoyed the reaction of the character!  Correct and incorrect responses are all part of the playfulness of this interactive app. photo-2One of the great features of this app that teachers, students, and parents love is that students can explore the chapters at various intervals. The user is free to explore and select chapters of interest. Parents and teachers can also guide the child to focus on specific chapters and lessons that they want the child to learn and practice. When the student feels confident in their abilities or when a parent or teacher wants to asses; you can switch from practice mode to test mode. Amazingly each chapter has this feature! What a great way to follow-up to see if the skills and concepts have been mastered. Student’s love testing and assessing themselves. Parents and teachers love this built in feature as well! Both the first and second grade Language Arts app covers important skills and concepts in more than 1700 exercises. First grade provides the opportunity to enhance children’s knowledge of sound to letter correspondence by working on topics such as vowels and rhyming, through to nouns, verbs, punctuation, using picture clues, ask and answering questions using the 5 W’s and identifying story elements. Children can also reinforce their skills by practicing simple games based on adjectives, the five senses, table of contents and much more. One of the questions parents often ask teachers is, “how is my child being challenged?” This is definitely a question the parents of my students ask me every year. The iTooch app certainly provides opportunities for challenging activities, especially with the rigors now of the CCSS. There is even an important notice (see below) to inform parents and teachers that the lessons and activities “may be perceived as too difficult,” but I would prefer to say that these activities provide an opportunity to challenge and enrich a student's learning! photo-4photo-6Important Notice: The content of the iTooch Language Arts Grade 1 course and activities might be perceived as too difficult for a 1st Grader, especially at the beginning of the school year. We advise that parents or teachers assist the student if they are not at ease with reading and abstract concepts. This level of difficulty was imposed on us in order to comply with the Common Core State Standards. iTooch Second Grade is developed in a way that encourages young students to further develop and scaffold upon their academic growth. At this level, students can become more independent in their engagement and self-assessment. They begin to utilize close reading skills with texts on different topics such as main idea, key details, author’s purpose and nonfiction texts features. The 56 Chapters are well illustrated with images, which are central to stimulating creativity and active engagement in second grade. The Four CCSS themes are the same as grade one and again go hand in hand with standard school curriculum. photo-8photo-11The Math apps for the first and second grade are part of the fundamental aspects of building a solid Math foundation. That is why iTooch for First and Second Grade has dedicated more than 50 chapters of Math questions and exercises in each grade level to help children practice in a fun, engaging and rewarding way. The first-grade app reinforces Math skills such as addition, subtraction, skip counting, measurement, and geometry. iTooch first grade covers four themes: Operations, Numbers and Operations, Measurement and Data, and Geometry. The second-grade app covers and reinforces skills, in addition, subtraction, numbers and operations, time, money, estimating length and simple fractions. All these themes go hand in hand with the school curriculum and the CCSS. Children advance in levels by unlocking belts; the more belts they unlock the more points they get. Each chapter has the same feature of practice and the test mode, where students, teachers, and parents can assess the student’s progress. My students loved exploring the chapter summaries in each of the math topics. The illustrations are colorful, kid-friendly, age appropriate and clearly illustrate the concepts being taught! NOW available these two primary apps will be a wonderful supplement to any educational program that is currently being utilized in school or at home! About the Author -1Lisa Carew, MS Educational Technology; MA in Literacy; BA; AAS, is an elementary school teacher currently teaching third grade in Southampton, New York. Her diverse educational experiences and expertise as a general education teacher in a Dual Language Classroom provides insight into the daily pedagogical shifts currently taking place in classrooms throughout the nation. Lisa’s ongoing collaborations with bilingual educators, special educators, TESOL teachers, administrators and parents reflects firsthand how technological applications are supporting student’s learning, teacher’s teaching, and parents parenting!
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  1. Charles Manly

    A comprehensive learning is what kids need in their primal stages of learning. I was looking for something that could give my child such kind of learning and my search was answered in the form of eduPad. It comes with a comprehensive curriculum of CCSS that helped Ryan in covering every aspect with diligence and accuracy. More to that, it’s designed in an easy-to-grab interface which increases his involvement and makes him more focused.

    In short, it removes all kinds of barriers to learning and gives your child a platform that is more informative and at the same time, user-friendly.

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