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  kid-in-story-300x300How many of you out there have a favorite story or place and have imagined yourselves in it?  I know I have…….The Secret Garden, in particular, was a favorite of mine and I can still visualize myself in the garden!  My daughter, on the other hand, loved Jan Brett’s stories and illustrations.  Well, with Kid in Story Book Maker, by Locomotive Labs, you can place yourself (or student/child) right into a story.  Take a picture for the background and save to your photo file and then insert an additional picture of yourself or a child/student.  Create the text and narration and you have a “Kid in Story”.  A creative storybook app that allows for you to place ‘a kid’ right into any type of story!


Social Stories Locomotive Labs located in Berkeley, California has done an outstanding job of creating an app that allows for creating stories that will help children process past or upcoming events.   Parents and educators can help students/children prepare or discuss situations by creating an individualized story with narration that includes the child within the story!  The stories are then shared via email or drop box.  The FREE Kid in Story Reader app makes it easy to open on another IOS device and share with the student.  A pdf option is also available for transferring stories. Creating a story is simple and the already created How to make Story For Teachers & Parents will guide you step by step when you open the app.  Use LocoMotive Lab’s template “Faces I Make” to practice inserting pictures. YouTube Preview Image The community library option allows you to send your story to the developer to be published for community viewing. Creating personalized visual stories has never been so much fun!  Retell the stories of your family vacation by using those scenic pictures (without people) by quickly taking a “people” snapshot and inserting onto the page with Locomotive Labs’ image detection technology.  Visual stories with narration have many uses for students/children that require extra support for tasks, unknown or unfamiliar situations, recalling and retelling experiences and all around expressive language.


The background picture is a screenshot of Todo Math Practice.  A photo of a child using the app was then superimposed onto the background to create a page in the story.


  About the Author -1Jackie Bryla is a school based SLPA in California. Her experience includes working with transitional kindergarten through high school age students as well as the functional skills population in the public schools. She regularly presents iPad Training for California State University Sacramento, American River College, and San Joaquin Delta College speech and language programs. Jackie is also the founder of Act – Apps, Consulting, and Training. She is an app beta tester for educational app developers. Jackie is a board member for the California Speech-Language Hearing Association (CSHA) and is an active CSHA District 2 Advisory Committee member in the Sacramento area. Jackie received the outstanding SLPA for CSHA in 2012.
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  1. Pleased to share this article and content. I found a copy of The Secret Garden on a Welsh harbour as a young child and it was one of my first English early novel reads. It would have been such a thrill to have been able to superimpose photographs into pages to create a truly immersive experience, had the technology been available at the time. Dickon and Mary live long in the memory.