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admin-aja175imgres-1 Kidblog, by Kidblog, gets kids writing, sharing, and experiencing technology in a whole new light... and it's FREE. Introduce students to the concept of blogging styles with different design themes, photo and video uploads, and linking capabilities. They will also learn the art of curating.  A great way to give students a leg up and get familiar with the blogging platform and its multitude of options for future endeavors. Kidblog not only provides authentic learning but gives kids an authentic audience for students to share within the classroom and school. It also has the capabilities of reaching the global community. No coding or HTML needed, but don't be surprised if Kidblog peaks some of your student’s interest in coding. Kidblog is super student-friendly - don’t let the “Kid” in Kidblog fool you - it's a powerful publishing platform suitable for any K-12 student.  Based on the same premise behind WordPress, the blogging platform that Teachers With Apps uses. Kidblog is a simple and wonderful addition that should not be overlooked in any type of learning to set. Kidblog is built by teachers, for teachers, so students can get the most out of the writing process. Our mission is to empower teachers to embrace the benefits of the coming digital revolution in education. As students become creators - not just consumers - of information, we recognize the crucial role of teachers as discussion moderators and content curators in the classroom. With Kidblog, teachers monitor and control all activity within their classroom blogging community. Kidblog is designed for K-12 teachers who want to provide each student with an individual blog. Students publish posts and participate in academic discussions within a secure classroom blogging community. Teachers maintain complete control over student blogs and user accounts.
  • create classroom discussions
  • learn digital citizenship
  • practicing writing skills
  • create an e-portfolio
  • reflect on learning
  • formative assess writing
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  1. […] Kidblog, by Kidblog, gets kids writing, sharing, and experiencing technology in a whole new light… and it's FREE.  […]

  2. I am very excited to use Kidblog this year!