KinderTown Preschool and Kindergarten Educational Games

  KinderTown just released an app that shares the same goal as Teachers With Apps,  to supply a direct route for finding the best educational apps for children. The focus here is a bit narrower and geared for the preschool set, apps recommended for ages 3-6. KinderTown states, "Our mission is to improve early childhood education by empowering busy parents with the tools to be better teachers."  KinderTown considers itself,  “The Educational App Store for Busy Parents” Much like Teachers With Apps, KinderTown does not have a rating system. If you are included, you are considered an exemplary app. According to the recent article in TechCrunch, the concept for KinderTown came from entrepreneur Steve Welch. This dad says that the idea for KinderTown emerged from his own frustration in finding good educational apps for his own 4-year old daughter. The founder, constantly jokes that as a 35-year-old, he has a hard time figuring out how to relate to a 4-year-old. KinderTown is meant to be more than just app recommendations. Their long-term goal is to give parents advice and suggest activities they can do to teach and play with their kids - especially activities that don't involve any technology or devices. Parents are already making comments that demonstrate KinderTown is successfully shifting the conversation from "what apps can I download that will keep my child occupied?" to "what can I teach my child using apps?" The name KinderTown came about because we wanted to create a community where parents, teachers, and app developers could come together to talk about ways to use technology to foster healthier, more educated children. That means we’d like all of you to get involved with creating KinderTown and to also start talking to one another about how you teach your children. When we corresponded with the COO of KinderTown, Brennan Knotts, he stated, "Since the launch of KinderTown, many developers have reached out to say they're glad they are we're building this solution. Many developers are suffering, trying to get quality educational apps recognized, but we were so focused on building a solution for parents, that we didn't really appreciate how hard it is for developers to reach parents when their app for preschoolers might be listed next to an app for 5th graders." KinderTown will review apps that meet their criteria and include it in their app store if they deem it to be of superior educational quality. No books are being reviewed at this time. This is an app to keep your eye on, we think they are going places and this is just their debut. We have reviewed many of the same fine preschool apps as KinderTown.  
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