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admin-aja175mzl.avgmsrno.175x175-75Learn Spanish - MindSnack, by MindSnacks, is a delicious and addictive language learning app that will not squelch the user’s appetite for more! It's not just for children but for students of all ages, young and old. As a teacher in a third grade Dual Language Classroom (Spanish & English language-learners) my co-teacher and I are always looking for active, engaging applications that support the language learning skills occurring in the classroom daily.  Learn Spanish - Mindsnacks utilizes a series of mini-game lessons to teach vocabulary, spelling, reading, grammar, sentence construction and conversational phrases. 14 The nine exciting games utilize animated characters such as a fish that stays afloat with each correct match in Swell the vocabulary game.  After a series of incorrect responses the fish sinks and goes to heaven and appears as an adorable angel fish, sure to bring a smile to the user who is now more determined to go back and keep him afloat with this rapid recall technique.  An adorable frog with a long sticky tongue eats words and collects them in his Belly as snacks, utilizing image recognition as the modality of skill reinforcement. Word Birds and Slider promote spelling and phonemic awareness. These games are just a sample of the hours of fun that beginners and intermediate language learners will have acquired a second language. 3As students explore and practice the nine exciting games, they devour Spanish words and phrases that are clearly and distinctively enunciated with audio clips from native speakers! I found myself repeating the words out loud to see if I could perfect my own pronunciations! Parents love to hear their child verbalizing their second language skills. The joy they receive from observing their child practice their Spanish is well worth the cost of purchasing the full app!


✓ Nine unique mini-games ✓ 1000+ words and phrases to master ✓ Native speaker audio clips and Hand-illustrated image library ✓ 50 Spanish lessons designed by Ivy League instructors (Upgrade required for full access) ✓ Personalized learning algorithms to maximize memorization, retention & contextual usage ✓ Enhanced review mode lets you focus on current or mastered lessons ✓ Additional quests & challenges to keep you motivated What I found to be truly amazing about MindSnacks and its approach to the learning process was the repetitive practice that was uniquely customized in identifying words and phrases that required further development specifically for each user! The app automatically promotes practice, practice, practice which is key to learning any new skill and essential when it comes to language acquisition. Parents and teachers alike are sure to love this built in feature! When you sit down at the table of “Learn Spanish - Mindsnacks” be prepared to “Feed your Brain” with this unique approach to language acquisition!   -1Lisa Carew, MS Educational Technology; MA in Literacy; BA; AAS, is an elementary school teacher currently teaching third grade in Southampton, New York. Her diverse educational experiences and expertise as a general education teacher in a Dual Language Classroom provides insight into the daily pedagogical shifts currently taking place in classrooms throughout the nation. Lisa’s ongoing collaborations with bilingual educators, special educators, TESOL teachers, administrators and parents reflects firsthand how technological applications are supporting student’s learning, teacher’s teaching, and parents parenting!
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2 Responses

  1. Ann Gallagher

    Thanks for the review, Lisa. Vickie told me to check it out! I’ll have to look into it. . . might help ME with my ELL students 🙂

  2. Shannon Murphy

    Great review Lisa. This app is very helpful, not only for teachers but those who wish to brush up on their Spanish speaking skills like me! 🙂