Leo’s Pad: Preschool Kids Learning Series

  imgresLeo's Pad: Preschool Kids Learning Series by Kidaptive - We love repeat standouts and Kidaptive has done it again with Appisode 6 of Leo’s Pad. This learning appisode targets the preschool and kindergarten audience and aims to kick-start your child’s summer learning and educational fun by offering all of the appisodes for Free! Kidaptive is passionate about helping millions of children around the world discover a love for learning. Once again, we join Leo (based on Leonardo Davinci), and his friends Fusch (Confucius) and Cinder. These characters have already been established in Kidaptive's other apps. Your child will get to revisit them and we all know that familiarity is a great draw. This new adventure is about catching the Wishing Fish and all the different ways to make that happen. The first activity has Cinder feeding the fish in order to attract the Wishing Fish. Since that does not seem to attract him, the kids put their heads together in designing and building a submarine to dive under the water. Of course, once the sub is built it must be transported above ground to the water's edge in order to be submerged; there is a rock in the way to keep it from rolling that needs to be cracked. Finally, the sub makes a big splash and we enter the wonder world of the deep – there is a fun interlude of the user looking into the sub through a window and you can take selfies! Cinder flits about to set at trap with food and a glass bubble with which to trap the Wishing Fish when he comes to feed… and mission accomplished! Our adventurers have second thoughts about trapping this beautiful creature to keep it to themselves. In the end, they decide on the right thing to do – what do you think that might be? All these stages of the pursuit are filled with Kids practicing a variety of cognitive, social, and emotional early-learning skills, including mental shape manipulation, problem-solving, and self-control. A beautiful story with a great lesson modeled. The animation is entrancing and as you watch Leo lead us through this story, you almost feel like you can really make eye contact with him. Here’s looking forward to the next adventure… In the meantime, reward yourself with this latest release. leos-Pad-screenshot1 Parent’s Pad (a feature within Leo’s Pad) is the most comprehensive tool available to monitor and provide feedback on your child’s learning. As the Leo’s Pad series unfolds, Parent’s Pad will help you understand what your child has been doing in the app, how they’re progressing on core skills, and what activities you can do “Beyond the Screen” to support your child’s development.


- Complete early-learning curriculum - Parent’s Pad dashboard for easy monitoring of learning - Adaptive games change difficulty with your child’s performance - Activities help children learn skills such as turn taking, impulse control, and collaboration - Modeling of social skills like deliberate practice - Fun and memorable songs - “Co-play” games that parents and children can play together  
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