Little Monster at School – Wanderful children’s interactive storybook in English and Spanish

admin-aja175imgres-2Little Monster at School, a classic story by the master author Mercer Mayer is a wonderful addition to the suite of apps from the expert company Wanderful Interactive Story Books. This state of the art digital media company has transformed original books by applying the philosophy that the freedom to be yourself and play or explore their stories, is the optimal experience for our youngest readers. Wanderful is whimsical and uninhibited, inspiring young readers to wander through the stories, finding wonder as they explore each and every photo-2 photo Little Monster at School is about the trials and tribulations of feeling out of place at school and how accepting friendship and encouragement can turn an attitude around, especially when one realizes we all have different talents! This digital rendition has taken this sweet story and made it something many children can relate to. They turned the discouraged character, Yally, around with his faithful friend, Little Monster. The tale ends on a high note once Yally realizes that he does indeed have his very own talents! Little Monster at school engages kids on all levels and allows them to partake and play right within the story or sit back and have it read to them. Either way, the beauty is that Wanderful has provided two very distinctly different reading experiences within one darling app. This book, like all of the Wanderful Living Books, turned apps, helps kids deal with everyday problems that they can’t help but encounter in everyday life, and helps them learn to problem solve through modeling, friendship, and perseverance.  Little Monster at School includes 18 interactive pages of delightful fun, with special counting and alphabet lessons and a “story within the story.” Enjoy hours of engaging story play where all words are interactive and virtually every object on every page animates when tapped. There are two modes of play; Read to Me or Let Me Play, as well as multiple settings so teachers/parents can further control the type of experience. Join Little Monster at school on a fun-filled day as he explores different subjects with his classmates and makes friends with Yally, an often difficult fellow student. An extensive activities guide is available as an in-app upgrade, which incorporates Wanderful's goals to bring outstanding interactive storybooks to a new generation of children. US English with Spanish story content included and French story content available as an in-app upgrade, or UK English with French included and German available as an upgrade.  
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