Living Earth – Perfect App for Earth Day

Living-Earth-HD-iconLiving Earth - Clock & Weather, by Radiantlabs, is the perfect app to celebrate Earth Day! Although this app may not be new and was designed with weather forecasts and world time in mind, it is one app that every teacher could use on their iPad. Just the mere fact that a beautiful sphere of Earth is continually visible in 3D and kids can see where they live in the great scheme of things, is awesome. Views vary depending on where on Earth you are; the app needs your location to pinpoint this. It is intriguing to observe a night with a slight cover of clouds as compared to a wide open glimpse on a bright sunny day, on the other side of the world. A great topic to explore is the effect of city lights on regions and the possible ramifications this brings with it.mzl.fhegvhxa.480x480-75 The weather has been a very hot topic as of late and we all know why. Whether you've been directly affected by a major storm, helped others in the aftermath, or seen it on the NEWS - the latest storms worldwide have put everyone, including kids, into storm alert mode.  Living Earth offers the perfect segue into a discussion about global warming on Earth Day, or any day. This controversial topic warrants attention. Much of the debate over global warming has centered on politics, which gives this app cross-curriculum appeal. Speaking of cross-curriculum, this app is great for introducing a variety of concepts - seasonal changes, earth's rotation, Pangaea, the past, present and future exploration of space, as well as many a lesson in geography. With this app, kids can get a much greater appreciation of the planet we call home and hopefully a lesson on the importance of taking care of it.


✭ Live clouds from near real-time satellite cloud data - updated every 3 hours. View global cloud patterns, hurricanes and tropical storms around the world. ✭ Live 3d weather maps of temperature, humidity, wind and forecasts. Explore and view our planet in completely new detail! ✭ World clock, weather and extended forecast for millions of cities around the world with 7 day and 2-hour forecasts. ✭ Observe sunrise and sunset borders around the world live as they are happening. Watch the day and night shadow line progress across the globe through the day. ✭ Sunrise and Sunset times for each city. ✭ Rayleigh atmospheric scattering calculations for photorealistic atmospheric simulation. ✭ Observe the changing seasons throughout the year. View snow and ice coverage as well as other seasonal changes on our globe. ✭ High resolution lives 3D simulation. Optimized for the iPhone Retina display and the new iPad. ✭ Live 3D simulation of our planet with global weather, forecasts and world clock for cities around the world. View live global cloud patterns, hurricanes, and tropical storms. Explore and experience amazing weather dynamics on our planet with real-time 3D weather maps and typhoon and hurricane tracking. photo

Living Earth is a celebration of our planet! Get it now!

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