First Product Review: Logitech Keyboard

photo-5 The Logitech Keyboard is the first accessory product Teachers With Apps has ever reviewed! We were asked by Logitech to write a review of their iPad keyboard made specifically for students in the classroom, we thought it was time to branch out and start reviewing products relating to mobile devices. When the keyboard arrived in the mail it was set aside in lieu of continuing with the daily reviewing of educational apps. One day I hauled it out, quite surprised by the featherweight contraption, and plugged it in. Wow, what a pleasant surprise - this is a raised keyboard and very different than your usual sleek "flat" rendition. This was the first time I felt comfortable working on a document of any length with my iPad. The next step was to put this accessory under the scrutiny of the real critics, the kids. I initially had a difficult time convincing any of them to give it a try.  They insisted they were so comfortable using the built in keyboard that this would just slow them down. Within seconds of finally giving it a try, they were speed typing and thrilled with their performance! The next thing I know the keypad is being passed around and my students decide they each want a full day with the keyboard so they can contribute to the review, or maybe, they just wanted to get their assignments done with ease and quicker than usual. The Logitech Keyboard held up to the test of time, one student who I work with after school with lengthy writing assignments was horrified when I forgot to bring it along on our last session, she had gotten so comfortable using it every day that she had a very difficult time readjusting to the built-in keypad on the iPad. In comparison to the Apple keyboard, which seems to drain the battery quickly and needs a Bluetooth connection, the Logitech was a real pleasure to use and a delight to discover. School districts take notice, this keyboard was designed with the classroom in mind. -3
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