Love, the app

  gI_59134_icon1024bLove, the app, by Pablo Curtis, is just in time for Valentines day or any day for that matter since giving and feeling love should be an everyday occurrence. This wonderful interactive storybook app is based on the book Love, by Gian Berto Vanni, first published in 1964. The story starts out with a little girl who's parents "went away" when she was nine. She wasn't a pretty girl and people never told her she was a "darling". She didn't have any relatives so she was taken to an orphanage with many other children. No one paid much attention to her there and subsequently, she was alone much of the time. The other orphans thought her quite unattractive and a bit strange, this left her to play by herself. She had big eyes and stared at others as she walked around the grounds of the orphanage looking at all the natural beauty around her. Her own thoughts and the warm sunny days were her only friends. She had class manners and the orphanage director wanted to send her away, for he believed the wild stories that the other children told her. She was ridiculed. One day she wrote a note and placed it in a tree. It was found and the director read this note... You will have to get this app to find out what she wrote. This app based on the book written 50 years ago is still a timeless classic. The app rendition, done by NIÑO, certainly does an exemplary job of recreating the atmosphere and tone as well as portraying the original heart of the story. NIÑO is known for storytelling for small & big kids. This storybook app brilliantly tells a sincere story with just enough interactivity as to not detract from the storyline itself. From beginning to end, Love, the app creates a magical animated environment, set to an original soundtrack that submerges the reader into the true essence of love. Produced in collaboration with Gian Berto Vanni himself, Love, the app is an opportunity to embark on an unforgettable and emotional journey.  This app has no intended age but it may not be understood by small children. However, both children and adults will relate to this touching and heart filling tale. It's a beauty. This is a story about love, understanding and tolerating, not to withdraw from what is different. Because the difference is us; we're all different and we're all the same. This is love.  
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