Lumio Farm Factor: Multiply and Divide Basics

  995626_largerLumio Farm Factor: Multiply and Divide Basics, by Lighthouse Learning, has taken a different approach to these two operations and decidedly introduces these concepts in a solid concrete manner... and they didn’t forget the FUN factor! What we love about this app are the tangible models represented to help students understand the concepts of the relationship of multiplication and division, as sets or units, and their correlation with addition and subtraction. Kids manipulate the various vegetables into groups to instill a greater understanding of the idea of exactly what the implications of multiplication are; the app refers to it as repeated addition. The division is described as splitting groups into exactly equal parts, using packing crates to sort the vegetables. Lumio Farm Factor: Multiply and Divide Basics is gaming at its best. Commonly referred to as playful learning - this is often how kids learn best! screen640x640 This app not only has great visuals it also gives the user a “hands-on” experience. Lumio Farm Factor has the right idea using veggies, boxes, etc., to give learners an interactive experience which helps kids understand the underlying ideas of these two abstract concepts. It is a perfect introduction for students learning these concepts for the first time or for those who are struggling learners. The interactions target problem-solving and mathematical reasoning. Later, when the concepts are understood, kids can move on to memorizing facts and then work on building fluency. Often, this introduction is skipped over or minimized. The rote skill and drill is emphasized too early on, which can cause confusion. By not ever really grasping the rhyme or reason behind these two operations, children may develop stumbling blocks along the way. The two topics are covered in the inviting and visually stimulating games of Mystery Multiplication and Veggie Divide. The fact that the developers have hidden the in-app purchases makes this app all the more appealing. photo

Abstract ideas come to life for kids using targeted touch interactions.

LEARNING BENEFITS Farm Factor introduces the tricky topics of multiplication and division. Using concrete objects and models (veggies, boxes, and arrays), learners don't just memorize facts; they understand the underlying ideas and then move on to building fluency. It is ideal for kids learning these concepts for the first time or those who are struggling. The interactions target problem-solving and mathematical reasoning. MULTIPLICATION SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE * Understand multiplication as a repeated addition problem * Understand and use the symbol for multiplication * Find unknown numbers in multiplication problems * Create multiplication models involving equal group scenarios * Use arrays to solve and represent multiplication sentences DIVISION SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE * Understand, represent and solve division problems involving fair share and repeated subtraction scenarios * Understand and use the symbol for division * Find an unknown number of groups (missing divisor) * Find an unknown group size (missing quotient) * Understand division as the inverse of multiplication  
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