Make A Song by Gorilla Band 2 – 3D story book with Music

  6a00e398228361883301b7c6e58ab5970b-200piMake A Song by Gorilla Band 2 - 3D story book with Music, by Wasabi Productions, is the sensational sequel to the original Gorilla Band. Building on the success and musical theme of the first Gorilla Band app, Gorilla Band 2 showcases an immersive, 3D jungle-world where a cast of entertaining gorillas learn to appreciate the sounds and rhythms of nature at Jungle Music School, which they turn into two catchy songs! It is loaded with educational features in early literacy and music appreciation. Gorilla Band 2 will lift you up and get you tapping your toes, clapping your hands, and singing along! This 3D storybook loved by children and adults draws the participant into a priceless musical extravaganza complete with an appearance from Stevie Wonder! The moral of the song is also an integral part of this app, as it reinforces citizenship and community. The developers at Wasabi recommend this storybook for kids aged 2-7. Everyone we showed this app to was mesmerized, no matter what the age happened to be... that alone says a lot about this app's shelf life. photo We raved about Gorilla Band 3D story book with music in our review back in August of 2013.  It is just stunning! Teachers With Apps hasn’t seen kids this excited about a new app in quite some time! And they have every right to be, this app is spectacular – an absolutely adorable storybook with endearing characters. It's tough to make a sequel to an app that has received such accolades and gotten the kids so excited but Wasabi has pulled it off without a hitch by mixing things up and paying attention to content! Gorilla Band 2 is an all around learning tool which can easily be used by primary teachers as well as parents.  620x349_video carousel-thumb-400x225-163933 Features:
  • Dazzling 3D world and effects
  • Read myself or ‘Read to me’ options with text highlighting
  • Delay interactions option so kids enjoy the words first
  • Array of illustrated and animated scenes from a thunderstorm to a swamp and moreBonus interactions and surprises on every page
  • Evocative Aussie bush sound effects
  • 2 original soundtracks & countless musical riffs
  • World class standards in family-friendliness
  • Parental controls
Educational benefits aligned with Core Knowledge Curriculum and many Common Core Standards, including
    • Development of phonological awareness, recognition of rhyme and text directionality
    • Development of emergent literacy
    • Practice with fine motor coordination
    • Stimulate imagination
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