Millie’s Crazy Dinosaur Adventure – Millie Was Here, Book 3

  imgres-3Millie's Crazy Dinosaur Adventure - Millie Was Here, Book 3 by Megapops LLC is another wonderful tale from the makers of Millie and the Lost Key. As with all of the Megapops apps featuring Millie the dog, this story is as zany as ever. It has all the components needed to draw kids in and keep them totally mesmerized. Parents rejoice, this is one sophisticated app that packs a punch every time. The unique photo collage style and gaming feel give this app an edge over others. Join Millie as she travels back in time to retrieve the forgotten birthday gift for her dear friend Kitty and accidentally ventures back a tad farther than planned. Help the story take twists with the unique story switcher feature, which gives you options of where to take the story next. You can read this book and never quite have the same scenario, which adds to the intrigue and mystery of Millie the adorable adventure dog. Get ready to laugh, giggle, and grin as the journey unfolds for Millie with you right by her side. DESIGNED FOR LITTLE PAWS Engineered specifically to engage and support beginning readers ages 6-8, this app was developed with education & child development specialists to feature enhanced learning activities such as interacting, manipulating, pretending, constructing, exploring, puzzle-solving, inferring, reading, and expanding vocabulary. imgres-6imgres-7 MILLIE WAS HERE FEATURES
  • Interactivity on every page, including digital pop-ups, mini-games, and more
  • Packed with exciting video clips and animation
  • Virtual stickers are hidden on every page, and a sticker book for your collection
  • Innovative “Bedtime Mode” creates a calmer experience for nighttime reading
  • Read-along text
  • Two reading modes allow users to choose between having the book read to them, or reading it themselves.
  • Original music and fun sound effects
  • Professional dramatic narration
  • Rich, original artwork, and photography
  • A cute dog on every page; )
Teachers With Apps was pleased to read that developer Randy Lowenstein and his partner Jen Taylor stepped out and did their own programming with Corona SDK and found the platform to be incredibly easy to use. View TWA review of Millie and the Lost Key and Millie's Adventure imgres-8  
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