Mini-U: Riddles by PopAppFactory

200_overallMini-U: Riddles, by PopAppFactory, is a great summer time treat, according to the kids we field-tested this app with. Again, just when you start to second guess yourself, children come along and prove to you the value of an app through extended engagement and delighted faces. We weren't sure what kids were going to think of this app, too cliché, too corny? Guess what? Kids loved Mini-U Riddles and not only stayed with the app, but beamed as they shared information we thought possibly passé. Sometimes simple is just the way to go. Nothing too heavy or demanding, very light in nature and easy,  sheer joy, that's what you get with Mini-U: riddles! What has a face and two hands but no arms or legs? What gets wetter as it dries? What has to be broken before you can use it? This simply sublime app has been a huge hit with all children and provided great diversion from the hectic, everyday pre-programmed life we all lead! Teachers With Apps loves the whimsical font, the option for turning on and off, the soothing narrator's voice and the option to go back or ahead at any juncture. The wonderfully clean graphics were refreshing and added to the uplifting feeling one gets from spending time with this   Since ancient times riddles were used as a cunning tool, to demonstrate wit and wisdom. Now our Riddles will be an amusing aid to keep your kid’s mind working. Features:
  • 50 amusing classic riddles;
  • Sort easy-to-learn rhymes;
  • Fine minimalistic graphics in perfect style, scrumptious/beautiful fonts;
  • Pleasant relaxing music, possibility to turn of voicing the riddles and answers;
  • Ability to purchase 80 more riddles/In-app purchase of 80 more riddles
  • Compatible with both iPhone and iPad.
Hurry to get this app, you'll be surprised how innovative it is.
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