Motion Math: Hungry Guppy

NEWteacherwithappsMotion Math: Hungry Guppy, by Motion Math, is another great catch for the pre-schoolers, primary schoolers, and the early elementary set! If you are not familiar with Motion Math's other apps, read our reviews of Motion Math HD and Motion Math: Hungry Fish, and get acquainted with their outstanding apps. They have a dynamic founding team consisting of a brilliant group, many of whom hail from Standford University. Motion Math is aiming to transform learning in the age of mobile. They want to explore how mobile devices can facilitate joyful learning and challenge children. When a child learns to love the experience of being challenged, of pushing his abilities to the limit, his life abounds with discovery and growth. Kids often adopt this challenge-loving mentality in sports but sadly lose it in their intellectual life, sometimes because of the fear of being wrong or shamed in the classroom. Math challenges in the safe, engaging context of our games can promote children’s natural desire to learn and master new material. A Bui joined us on EdAppTalk Group this past week, the discussion was about what makes an app truly educational. It was a lively conversation and great to have A join us as the many facets of educational applications in theory and pedagogy were tossed about. A left with us with this powerful video of a three-year-old playing with Hungry Guppy. Children are just drawn to the Hungry Guppy. I made a visit to the local library with Hungry Guppy and it was like the Piped Piper had arrived. Kids clamored to play and also did a wonderful job of taking turns and working together cooperatively. There was a delight on both the children's faces as well as the parents as the kids explored number sense and found success! With so many different levels this Hungry Guppy has a wide audience appeal and a long shelf-life which is not often the case with your average app. Learning Goals • In the Dots levels, young children who don’t yet know number symbols can practice addition. They’ll learn, for example, that ● + ●● makes ●●●. • In the Mixed levels, kids will learn number symbols. For example, ●●● and 3 have the same meaning, even if the dots are in a different alignment or in funny colors. • In the Numbers levels, learners can practice adding numbers up to 5, seeing the many different ways to make a sum. Math Pillar • Number sense is critical for all other math topics. • Fluid mental arithmetic is explicitly part of the Common Core Standard’s “Number and Operations in Base Ten” domain in grades K – 2. Key Product Features • Instant addition: the metaphor of bringing elements together helps learners master the concept of addition • 15 levels that turn screen time into learning time for kids ages 3 – 7 • Beautiful graphics and fun music • Fun rewards: unlock new colors to customize your guppy
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