Motion Math: Match

admin-aja175MatchIconMotion Math: Match is yet another genius of a game from the fabulous team at Motion Math! Match helps kids practice, develop, and maintain their mental math skills. When we heard the title we thought this might be another game for the younger set, not at all. Basically, this game could work for a young elementary school student and continuing working right through high school and beyond. Motion Math: Match is one of the most engaging games ever. Having three levels of difficulty, and the ability to combine tiles to make other numbers before matching, gives this app an edge over all others, as far as challenges go! Before field-testing this app with students we had a very difficult time stopping ourselves from playing this absolutely addicting game. It not only stimulates the brain, it goes a step further and gives the player the challenge of mixing numbers, words, and visuals.  Somehow, you can always find a match or make a match and the game can be incredibly fast It's magical. This is will serve your child well for many years, and teachers of elementary through middle school are definitely going to want this loaded on to all the devices that are available for student use. Motion Math recommends this game for ages 6-12, we can feel it could be of value to any student who doesn't know their math facts inside and out. Motion Math: Match features addition, subtraction, multiplication, a division...and magical number tiles.  SIMPLE TO PLAY • Touch two equal tiles and – poof! - they disappear.  • If you make lots of matches, you'll raise the curtain and win. • You can also combine tiles to setup big combinations.  COOL REWARDS • Your reward is a sea creature...or a robot...or a mythical creature.  • Fill your gallery with all 36 rewards. FUN CHALLENGE • Chart your progress through 4 levels of challenge.  • The game gets faster, and sneakier, as you go so it’s tough enough for everyone.  • There are 16 different areas with 10 levels each.  • Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  
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