Noisy Bug Sing Along – Wonderful Way to Educate Children About Nature

admin-aja175BUGAPP-Cvr-Sm-1Noisy Bug Sing Along, by Dawn Publications, is a spectacular new app to educate children about nature, whether at camp or in the classroom! Of course, it's also perfect for the back yard and the whole family, especially on a summer evening. We reviewed Over in the Ocean: In a Coral Reef, and we were delighted when we saw (and heard) this new book app. This app is the first rate, the illustrations are vibrant and bigger than life, yet still true to each bugs specific characteristics. The narrator gives the story a real voice as he carefully enunciates and articulates every word; each page has the text read and the sound spelled-out and imitated. When touched each insect produces their own specific and unique noise. Lots of learning is happening here and science is being celebrated in a delightful and engaging way.  After the initial introduction to each bug, the book gives an overview of how the different insects make their unique sounds by using their body parts. This app-book is crammed full of scientific information to be shared and savored over and over again. This non-fiction book is a breath of fresh air while staying true to its intentions. We really enjoyed learning, right along with the kids, about the author & illustrator too! Check out John Himmelman on his very own page.

Read about the “Creative Non-Fiction” Conundrum (and Opportunity), on the Developers Page.BUG_B1

Here is the perfect way for the whole family to have outdoor fun by listening to bugs, imitating them, and identifying them. Field crickets go chirp-chirp-chirp; your kids will soon be singing like bugs with glee-glee-glee! Crickets! Cicadas! Beetles! Katydids! Grasshoppers! Each makes a unique sound, and quite often it is LOUD.  FEATURES * Extreme close-up artwork is scientifically accurate * Choose between “Read to Me” and “Read to Myself” * Touch the bugs or jiggle the screen to watch them move their bodies in the way that they produce sounds! Remember, insects do not create sounds through vocal chords, but by moving other body parts. * Hear actual recorded insect sounds. * Have fun with onomatopoeia – sing along with the author as he imitates the bug sounds. * Includes interesting extra information about each featured species. * All information is scientifically accurate. The author is an expert on insects.  
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