Number Whizz by XTC Arts

App_Icon-150x150Number Whizz, by XTC Arts,  takes the simple concept of adding numbers to equal ten and builds an entire game around it. What a stellar way to build a solid foundation for math and a great way to keep all kids, young and old on their toes! Warning... This is a highly addictive and fun game kids may not be able to put down easily. Best part, it will improve mental math for all who use it! Number Whizz is straightforward, the game play is quick and the action just keeps accelerating! The game requires kids to match an ever growing, speedy chain of numbers using varied addends from 1 – 9. The goal is to find the number on the bottom of the screen that when matched with the moving number add up to ten. Children start by learning basic addition skills for sums up to 10, they need to master this number set, before larger numbers are incorporated. Understanding addends and their functions teaches children the basics of number operations and enhances mathematical reasoning and problem solving skills. The students we worked with loved the unpretentious flavor and worked determinedly to up their peers for the highest score. As teachers we know how important it is to practice and reinforce addition math facts, we encourage all students to master the basics and build a strong mathematical foundation before moving on. photoYoung or old, Number Whizz will have you reaching for one more go at beating your top score. As you start the game numbers will start to appear on the right hand side of the box and slowly move across the box, forming a queue of numbers. If they reach the left hand side it’s game over. You can only delete the first number in the queue. To do so you must tap the number that when added to the lead number makes 10. You must then delete the next number and so on. The problem is the more numbers you delete, the faster they will come at you. This educational math game is geared for kids’ aged 6 and up and is available for iOS and Android. There are no hidden costs or in-app Purchases. 
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