The Nut Job (The Official App for the Movie)

  imgres-6The Nut Job (The Official App for the Movie), by Cupcake Digital, is a magnificent Storybook app and if it is any indication how the movie will fare, it will be a HUGE hit! Surly, the squirrel goes on an adventure of a lifetime after his rebellious nature gets him banished from his home in Liberty Park. He ends up smack in the middle of the big city of Oakton with his sidekick, Buddy the rat. Surly is convinced to share his find at Maury's Nut Shop and takes charge of the scheme. As you might expect, they run into all sorts of trouble with gangsters, secret tunnels, sabotage and an epic car chase. This narrated storybook app is a wonderful way to promote the upcoming movie, as it is beyond well done and chock full of laughs! We can only hope the movie can live up to the app on its debut on January 17th! This book app has four different engaging activities for kids to get engrossed in - and they will, no doubt! Then there is the movie trailer to watch again and again, as well as some coloring and sticker pages to occupy little ones after enjoying the antics of the story. The movie, as well as the app, is geared to appeal to the whole family. Any age group will find this app nutty enough to keep them engaged and laughing throughout all of Surly's exciting escapades with the gang of other adorable characters. We don't want to give too much of the plot away, just know that Surly ends up the unlikely hero when the other squirrels need to get prepared for the winter. Surly takes charge and is the brains behind the nut heist.



•Whack-a-Rat to collect nuts! The more the nuttier, but be sure not to whack the good guys. •Protect the nuts from falling into the gutter in the action-packed Squirrel Bounce •Sling nuts into leveled pipes in Acorn Scramble, a lively arcade–style game. •Match the nuts, and fill hungry Buddy’s belly to beat the high score in Gone Nuts •Tap-to-paint scenes from the movie using cool coloring features and stickers •Watch the hilarious movie trailer over and over again!



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