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One Globe Kids - Friends Around the World by the non-profit Globe Smart Kids is Free and helps kids get acquainted with children from different cultures. Early exposure to other cultures in a constructive and socially rich way can fundamentally change how we perceive each other. Seeing someone else as "just like me" instead of as an "other" makes intergroup contact easier and less prejudiced.

Put the world in a child's hand with One Globe Kids - fun and entirely safe for kids 4 - 10 years.

Visit Valdo in Haiti & Larasati in Indonesia for free then travel the world via IAP. Or read-on and download the One Globe Kids-All Friends app to give your child instant access to all the One Globe Kids friends, both current and upcoming friends!

• Designed to foster curiosity, cultural openness, and global imagination, preparing children for success in the 21st century
• Interactive stories from new friends in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America help kids grow up feeling safe and happy in our diverse world
• Discover what you have in common with children in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, the Caribbean
• Record yourself practicing new languages
• Put your friends and family on the globe
• “Story Adventure” - decide together what to do with each friend

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A New York Times article discussed the overwhelming positives to exposing children at a young age to different cultures, "...extensive interpersonal contact counteracts biases by letting people from hostile groups get to know one another as individuals and even friends."

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One Globe Kids - All Friends contains the award-winning virtual library of all global friends for children 4 - 10 years for the one-time price of $9.99. It prepares children for success in the 21st century by helping them feel safe and happy outside their familiar bubbles. One Globe Kids-All Friends is the most memorable way for children to experience the globe we share short of getting on an airplane themselves! It includes all current friends (real, fun kids in Haiti, The Netherlands, New York City, Israel, and Burundi) and all future friends. New friends will simply appear for free in the app!  It has been fine tuning this stellar app for the educational market and we can attest to their upgrades being top-notch! This exemplary app is ideal for home and classroom.

This photo is near the rice field where Aji lives in central Java, Indonesia.

It is not a game, it is not an e-book: it is a friendship experience

The One Globe Kids team travels the world to visit real children and their families and spend multiple days recording their story. Each story is developed to help kids draw connections between their life and that in other countries. With the help of technology, children can experience these stories from around the globe, told child-to-child with full-color photographs.

Make Global Education Easy & Fun

Designed for use by the busy, active teacher, the All Friends app and the Online Friends platform include free Education Toolkits,  in-depth teaching supports that will get kids moving and thinking.  Easily adapted for your classroom, you can for each country that compliments the interactive features within each story.

  • Story Behind the Story - details from our "making-of" adventure in each country
  • Discussion Guide - themes based on each story that encourages conversation in the classroom
  • Discussion Guide Teacher's Aid - background on themes covered in the Discussion Guide
  • Activities - Experience, culture, math, writing and taste activities for each country
  • Reading, Speaking and Listening - questions to help students recall key details and relate them to their own lives


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