Phonics: Fun on Farm

  mzl.ishpmqng.175x175-75Phonics: Fun on Farm, a new release from 22learn, is a strong app for guiding reading readiness or beginner readers, as its focus is on traditional educational standards for phonemic awareness. The app is geared towards beginning readers ages 3-7 and rests on a comprehensive foundation, as supported by its content throughout. 22learn has modeled Phonics: Fun on Farm after the solid research-supported techniques for high-quality phonics instruction and includes a total of 12 unique reading games. For parents and teachers, there is a sense of security knowing that essential reading sub-skills are covered in this app to include phoneme recognition, letter sounds, letter writing, spelling and reading words in simple sentences, encoding, decoding, sight words, and reading fluency development. In addition, profiles can be created for multiple children with tracking of individual reading progress. There are choices galore for the child playing and learning to read! Each letter sound is introduced gradually and divided into six levels. The skills are introduced in a natural progression and build on one another. This makes it possible for the child to learn the first five letter sounds and move into reading simple words and captions. There is joy and motivation building from this early success. It is apparent that these developers did their homework. There are six levels to choose from, depending on what the child is comfortable with. After choosing a level, there are 12 variations on the game utilizing the letters chosen. There is Word Bingo, Tracing Letters, Flash Cards and Matching Sounds, just to name a few. The player is rewarded with stickers and progresses steadily to another scene where those earned stickers can be played with. Each participant is mastering reading basics all while having fun on the farm! Feeding the animals, building your barn and, our favorite, feeding the frog lip-smacking flies! imgres


•12 fabulous games that teach essential reading skills. • Complex reading instruction that includes the development of phonemic awareness, letter-sound relationships, writing and letter recognition, spelling, and reading fluency. •Letter-sound relationships for the sounds of the most common consonants and short vowels. • Over 250 decodable words, 100 captions and sentences, and the most frequent sight words. • 6 scenes with hundreds of motivational stickers that allow children to build their own farm. • Multi-user customization and performance analysis. • Great preparation and practice for Preschool, Kindergarten, and 1st Grade children Phonics: Fun on Farm is closely aligned with Common Core English Language Arts Standards and teaches foundational skills for K-Grade 1 children.  
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