PJ’s PJs – Starring Percival Jenkins

imgres-1url mzl.ycppltsx.175x175-75PJ's PJs, by Ink Robin, is an adorable book app series starring Percival Jenkins, who LOVES bedtime! This just might be the perfect app to help you get your little ones to bed with relative ease.  You maybe even get a bath in, prior to your little one retiring, without a fuss. Percival has 329 different pairs of amazing pajamas, and every time he puts on his pajamas a new adventure begins. He has amazing escapades around the world, all depending on which PJs he has chosen for the night. There are three stories so far; PJ's PJs Giraffe! is the first in the series, followed by PJ's PJs - Koalas! and PJ's PJs - Anteaters!. Teachers With Apps sure hopes they plan to keep adding additional titles to this series, as the potential following for Percival Jenkins is huge! In this story, PJ is wearing his giraffe pajamas which transform him into a real giraffe in Africa. The story takes you straight away to Africa with maps, animal sounds, and five fabulous facts that Percival claims you should know about this species. These facts are delivered in a fun and engaging way that will certainly get your child requesting it again and again! The first of a 3-book series featuring PJ, this story will take you on a journey to Africa where you can discover what giraffes eat, why they don't like to bathe, and even whether or not they like bicycles.... The next story takes you on a journey to Australia where you can discover what koalas like to do all day, why they sometimes smell like cough drops, and just how clever (or not) they are. Then you can Travel to South America with Percival and discover what it's like to be an anteater in this fun-filled and silly adventure. But be careful! You might accidentally learn something.


173pjs_pyjamas-e1391458102839 Featuring: - Loads of interactive elements to bring the story to life - Fantastic British narration! - Educational fact sheet at the end of each book - Stunning illustrations by Swedish artist Gustav Dejert
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