Collins Big Cat: Playing Story Creator & At the Dump Story Creator

Collins Big Cat: At the Dump Story Creator and Collins Big Cat: Playing Story Creator are two book releases from Collins Big Cat.  TWA wrote about this easy reader series earlier in the year and continue to love all the options it gives kids during and after the story. It is the perfect way to engage young children into the wonderful world of literacy. Again, what we like so much is that the Story Creator feature helps to transform young readers into writers. You can use the app again and again by using elements of the story to create new books. They also extend learning beyond the book – every app contains guidance for parents tailored to the story. The first title, Playing Story Creator, is about three children who play outside despite the weather. They romp in the rain, wind, snow and mud. This storyline is a perfect way to spark various conversations with preschool - first-grade children. Who doesn't like playing?         The second title, At the Dump Story Creator, is all about the chore of toting your rubbish too, that's right - the dump. This storyline gives way to discussions about recycling and caring for the environment. Questions posed can include: Where does the paper go? Where does the glass go? What else can we recycle at the dump? This family trip allows children to practice their own recycling skills – they can drag the rubbish to the correct bins.  Kids help out the characters as they tidy up so that all the household waste is thrown away in the appropriate place.          

Books in this Series Contain: 

•An animated, interactive book that brings the story to life •Audio narration, music and sound effects to aid language learning – read along with the narration as the words are highlighted •Opportunities to develop speaking and listening skills by recording your own narration and sound effects – perfect for storytelling and to hear progression over time •Hidden surprises to discover on every page and a Collins Big Cat quiz to see what you can remember •Transfer reading to writing using Story Creator: make your own book using pictures, characters and key vocabulary from the story, transforming readers into writers •Practical guidance for adults helping children to develop their reading, writing and communication skills. All of these titles are perfect for the beginner reader! Collins Big Cat has brought the quality that teachers, parents, and children have come to expect to digital versions of their books.
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