PrestoBingo Colors

  imgresPrestoBingo Colors, by Spur Design, is another gorgeous app from this talented children's design firm. With a catchy tune and a whimsical smiling flower to greet the players, this app has real kid appeal right from the get-go. And let's get this story straight right now, this app is not just about colors, it is also a counting app! Kids have the chance to count up to twenty of the same color items and see the number change each time another of the same color object is added. The simple yet elegant graphics paired with the ease of use and three levels of difficulty give this app real shelf life.  photo 4

With the first level, kids navigate through robot factories (our personal favorite - love the gear mechanisms), butterfly fields, floating gift boxes and sea life, as they master basic color identification. The first level covers eleven colors for preschoolers: black, blue, brown, gray, green, orange, pink, purple, red, white, and yellow. The real fun begins when the child realizes that some colors might be hiding and they will need to shake or tilt to dislodge them and move them back onto the screen. The kids we played with were mesmerized and loved the tilt or shake aspect of the game, as well as the hunt for hiding colors! The friendly narration tells you how many objects of the desired color still remain to be found. After each seeks and find the allotted number of colors, a cute and quick animation follows. When level one is mastered it is time to move on to try level two. There, colors such as teal, burgundy, gold and even forest are introduced. Level three includes slate, loden, cranberry, puce, Celadon, periwinkle and thistle - which we learned is a shade of lavender. As the difficulty level progresses it also seems that finding the right number of objects takes longer. After playing all three levels children will have been exposed to over 80 colors in all. This app is a great vocabulary builder for not only color but, shapes and objects to identify as well as the counting component. We did experience some unexpected crashing here and there but overall this app provides a lovely user experience. 

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* Beginning, intermediate and advanced levels of color

* Over 80 colors to master

* Friendly narration to guide your child through the app

* Animations and physics-based interactions

* No in-app purchasing

* Ad-free


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