Roxie’s Puzzle Adventure by OCG Studios

  iTunesArtwork-150x150Roxie's Puzzle Adventure, by OCG Studios, is a perfect gift to give anyone with an iPad or Android tablet, as it is appropriate for children and adults. Two years ago we reviewed  Roxie’s a-MAZE-ing Vacation Adventure right around the same time of year. We were looking for family-friendly apps for the holidays and were awed by the incredible artwork. Now available as a puzzle, with difficulty levels from 6 to 260 pieces, this app is geared toward all. The same 16 awesome, artistic screens that drove, flew, boated, walked, rafted, skied or even ballooned you through Roxie's Vacation app are now available as a puzzle! To revisit the amazing process the developers went through to create the images, please see our review of Roxie's a- MAZE-ing Vacation Adventures. As for the classroom, Roxie's Puzzle Adventure is a wonderful addition to any curriculum in the PreK - K class, and a super addition to the elementary through middle school for free time or reward time. Students we worked with loved the different levels of difficulty and were quick to work their way to more difficult levels.


• You can play on your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. • 16 highly detailed and complex illustrations, with new content coming soon... • Play up to 260 pieces on the iPad and 130 on the iPhone (children can start with as few as 6 pieces). • Pieces can be locked in groups. • For extra complexity, you can switch on the rotation of the pieces. • Win 1, 2, or 3 stars depending on the complexity. • The "Help" functions can make it a little easier by showing the end result or finding the corners first. • Up to 5 different players can play different puzzles. • Your progress is stored, so you can continue later.

Educational note by the developer:

"Mazes help children learn decision-making and critical thinking skills. They make them think ahead and plan steps in advance. Mazes teach alternative ways to solve problems and judge spatial relationships. For younger children, mazes help develop fine motor skills; for older children, maneuvering through mazes helps improve handwriting. Researchers have proven that mazes are particularly suited for boys and reluctant readers. And they’re fun!"  So true, we couldn't agree more!


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2 Responses

  1. Kathleen

    I was really enjoying Roxie’s Puzzle Adventure until I got to to the last piece in the fourth section . . . .It is turned the wrong way & I have no way to turn it around so it will fit. Very discouraging.

    • Hi Kathleen,
      Couple solutions:
      Happened to me once in hundreds of plays on iPad and iPhone (I play it every day on the subway!) and I just, using my fingers, pinch/expanded/made the puzzle bigger, till the tap on the piece responded and all was fine.
      Or you can just stop that puzzle screen and go back to it later.
      Or restart that particular screen (the pieces fall differently each time).

      What kind of device are you using? I contacted the developer and he made note of it and said that if they can recreate it, it’ll be fixed in the next update. But I do think it’s quite rare, as none of the many other app reviewers who published reviews noted it, and it has never recurred to me or my multiplayers!
      Glad you like it so far!