Seashores to Sea Floors – The Ocean Biome

admin-aja175Icon-72@2xrounded-SeashoresSeashores to Sea Floors, by the Mobile Education Store, is an extraordinary addition to the Crack the Books series, a succession of upper elementary iBooks that target 3rd to 6th-grade science and social studies core curriculum concepts. Seashores to Sea Floors follows on the heels of Pines to Vines and Blades – the Grasslands Biome. This app is an impressive resource for teachers as it has the option to adjust the reading level to meet the different skill-sets found in every classroom. From special needs to the gifted, this app fits the bill and will not disappoint. Students are learning the same material at the same time, as the app provides settings for switching between five different levels to differentiate accordingly. Basically, students can experience all of the content presented to their classmates, while reading at a level that is appropriate to their ability.


Students and teachers that we work with LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the concept that all students are reading and answering questions about the same curriculum as other classmates. The different levels allow for students to experience the same content; it even includes a differentiated assessment piece for each chapter. WOW! Really, this series by Mobile Education Store is state of the art in execution, as well as in substance. TWA corresponded with the gifted developer, Kyle Tomson, and here is a direct quote. "The are two things that we are really trying to accomplish with Crack The Books.  We first want to make the subject matter available for all students, regardless of the reading ability or learning strengths.  But more importantly, if we can foster a love of reading and learning, along with a curiosity about the world, then we've given students the foundation they need to succeed, whatever it is they choose to do." -   Adjustable reading levels from 1st to 8th grade -   Designed to National Academy of Sciences standards -   Aligns to core curriculum standards -   Supports 2nd – 6th-grade curriculum -   Visual supports for comprehension -   Hundreds of high-resolution images -   Videos and custom animations -   Interactive globes, charts, and activities -   Interactive vocabulary definitions and glossaries -   30 individual chapter quizzes, 5 final tests -   Built in test grading -   Study guides and chapter previews -   Universal design elements -   Integrated voice over features -   Adjustable print size -   Bookmarks for multiple students -   Dropbox integration photo-3Seashores to Sea Floors covers a variety of topics, including ocean layers, plant and animal wildlife, adaptations, the oceanic food web, benefits of oceans, and oceans threats.  Students will learn about all major ocean ecosystems including open oceans, polar oceans, the sea floor, seamounts, cold seeps, hydrothermal vents, rocky intertidal, sandy beaches, kelp forests, coral reefs, and estuaries.  
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