Sentence Ninja by Smarty Ears

admin-aja175685971804x356The newest of Smarty Ears apps is Sentence Ninja.  Thirty-nine levels of multiplayer customizable sentence practice, with an Asian twist!   Engage fully in the experience with the option of the music that can be selected on or off. A Earn your award belts as you complete each group of levels beginning with simplicity at the Subject and Verb level and work your way toward complex sentences that include Subject + past tense verb + prep phrase + verb  + and + verb phrase GROUP 1 Phrases: Levels 1-6 GROUP 2 Sentences: Levels 7-21 GROUP 3 Question Format: Levels 22-27 GROUP 4: Negation: Levels 28-29 GROUP 5: Advanced Sentences Levels 30-38 GROUP 6: Complex Sentences Level 39 B Smarty Ears has created a comprehensive app with a multitude of customizable features, support prompts, and motivation that can be turned on or off. • Display Hints • Auto Progression • First word lower case vs. upper case • Increase Level • Reward Audio • Color Coded Cue • Record Correct Answer • Speak Instructions • Display Colored Lines • Presentation of Phrase/Sentences; Random or By Level Creating students and customizing to individual needs can be done in a snap! Data collection is amazing within the Sentence Ninja app. This app capture prompts needed during the activity such as using hint feature and color-coding. Each level requires 10 correct trials without prompts in order to move forward to the next level. Sentence Ninja has beautiful photographs and pleasant phrase/sentence narration. CD What I appreciate most about this app is the flexibility that is offered for individualizing the activity for the student(s). In addition, Smarty Ears has added an option to ‘declutter’ the background and offers a feature to turn off a background that may be too stimulating for a user to a simple white background. This app has so many awesome features that you will want to take advantage of the online tutorial video for some step-by-step instruction. E A future update might consider changing the font on the features and instructions of the application and only include the Ninja font for the usernames, which would allow for easier readability for the parent/therapist/teacher while setting up the app for a user.   About the Author -1Jackie Bryla is a school based SLPA in California. Her experience includes working with transitional kindergarten through high school age students as well as the functional skills population in the public schools. She regularly presents iPad Training for California State University Sacramento, American River College, and San Joaquin Delta College speech and language programs. Jackie is also the founder of Act – Apps, Consulting, and Training. She is an app beta tester for educational app developers. Jackie is a board member of the California Speech-Language-Hearing Association (CSHA) and is an active CSHA District 2 Advisory Committee member in the Sacramento area. Jackie received the outstanding SLPA for CSHA in 2012.
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