Shiny Things Gleams with Quick Math+, Quick Math & Sakura Time

iconQuickMathPlusiconQuickMathiconTimeQuick Math+Quick Math - Arithmetic & Times Tables, and Sakura Time - Shiny Things, has taken the latest technology and run with it. The best part? Everything! Not only are they these apps quick, but there's absolutely no down time for students. No waiting between problems for the next one to appear AND the first time we've experienced the incredible touch/write recognition, so well done! Kids actually write their answers right on the tablet! (We say tablet because the developer is promising android versions to be released very soon.) Quick Math+ and Quick Math have soared to the top of our "must have" list for any student practicing the four basic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. These apps are not just for the beginner mind you, these apps also have intermediate, advanced, and extreme levels, giving them broad audience appeal!ActionShot We can't tell you who was more excited about finding, playing, and experiencing the first two apps, the students or us! Quick Math has a brand new state of the art feature that is so unbelievable, it must be seen to be believed. Math computational problems appear on the screen and students answer them by writing the correct answer on the screen, it can be written any size, swiped to be erased, and written in a variety of styles - ding correct next question! If one gets the answer wrong, or writes really messy, a discrete x appears and you try again. What do we love? Well, what don't we love is a better question. First, kids are writing again! Either with their finger or with their stylus, which is a much needed skill to be brought back into the classroom and/or home. Another huge advantage is that the game is quick paced, no wait time. Your time is recorded, giving you your personal best at the end of each session. To summarize, we are highlighting three different games, two with the same computational format, and one for telling time. They all have this touch type recognition! There are no language barriers in any of these apps. iconQuickMathPlusQuick Math+ - With four challenging games modes, Quick Math+ allows players race the clock to improve their score while earning stars to unlock exciting new avatars. We LOVED the darling dog and the positive, yet subtle, reinforcement this gave the players. We’ve used an advanced handwriting recognition that will allow you to write answers directly on screen. Quick Math+ is the slickest way to improve your mental arithmetic skills! iconQuickMathQuick Math - Arithmetic & Times Tables - Boost both your math and handwriting skills. Quick Math improves arithmetic fluency and promotes development of mental strategies for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and mixed operations. Perfect for ages 6 - 12.   iconTimeSakura Time - A simple yet well-designed app developed to help your child improve their time-telling skills. This straightforward no nonsense app promotes the development of a concrete understanding of time through an assortment of activities and games. Shiny Things apps are very exciting for a classroom teacher, we are already thinking of other apps that would really benefit from touch type recognition. Sure, the ABC's would be a bit more challenging but it would be GREAT. Several apps that ask students to practice writing words cannot give feedback to try again; students know this and make purposeful mistakes. Screenshot3Game Screen (writing)screenshot1
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