Simplex Spelling Phonics – Advanced Phonograms by Pyxwise

admin-aja175Simplex Spelling Phonics – Advanced Phonograms, by Pyxwise, has been added to the esteemed Simplex Spelling series. This app is a powerful tool for both teachers and parents. Craig Welburn, with his partner Dr. Lisa Welburn Ph.D., have created another amazing app to promote literacy. Pyxwise is often referred to as Phonics at its finest by many educational experts, and after experiencing their apps you will understand why! This app is just what it says, ADVANCED. The reason for this app, according to Craig, We've had a lot of educators tell us that they wanted a version that covered much more difficult to spell words, along with words to build a student's vocabulary. We tried to address those concerns to a degree in "Advanced Phonograms". If you are not familiar with these apps, read about them in our previous reviews: Simplex Spelling HD - Dolch Sight Words with Reverse Phonics, and Simplex Spelling Phonics 2 Syllables – Spell To Read. These exceptional apps teach children “how to spell” English words, by explaining how the English language works and by building phonological and phonemic awareness skills that are critical in becoming an adept speller. This is the hardest level yet and is not recommended for children under 9 years of age. If you do have younger ones that are a whiz at spelling, then this would be one way to challenge them.  Read Dr. Welburn's: Simplex Spelling Theory, and gain a better understanding of how this process works. As with all the Simplex Spelling apps, students enjoy the positive feedback they receive and genuinely have fun while they are learning what can be a very dry topic.  40 different users can be tracked simultaneously and all words are spoken, used in a sentence to establish context, and many of the words can serve as new vocabulary. This one app teaches over a year of spelling curriculum, covering more than 750 high frequency words. They are divided into 52 lists that are organized by spelling patterns and difficulty levels. Each of the 52 lists comes with its own lesson that teaches one of the basic building blocks of spelling in the English language. These basic building blocks include syllables, sounds, spelling rules and some of the more advanced English phonograms. Features: ★ Introductory spelling list seamlessly leads a student through all of the application’s features. ★ Contextually relevant spelling rule hints that help explain “how to spell” English words. ★ Letter by letter feedback system provides feedback while the student is in the process of spelling each word. ★ Support for 40 user accounts. ★ Remembers each user’s progress in every list. ★ User stats screen track progress with every word. ★ Ability to set the number of times a word must be spelled correctly to become mastered. ★ Supports US, UK and Canadian English spelling of words.
We asked Craig Welburn what inspired this advanced program and he responded: Ultimately, what I believe Lisa and I ended up developing, with Simplex Spelling, is an "engineering" type of approach to learning the English language, where the language is logically and systematically broken down into individual parts. I realize that many English teachers may be horrified with that statement. Nevertheless, because the English language is extremely complex, not all students are able to pick it up easily or intuitively. Providing "reliable" rules, especially for those students that are logical thinkers, makes the information much easier to digest and learn. I believe this is why Simplex Spelling is proving to be so effective at helping students that struggle with learning to read and spell. 
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