SlateMath for Kids – Brilliant & FREE

  imagesSlateMath for Kids - Kindergarten and 1st Grade Games is a modular portfolio of educational apps that develop mathematical skills and intuition through playful interaction. SlateMath covers the Common Core math standards for kindergarten and first-grade levels and walks children through aea1b59_5e9cb0fe9179a44061647fc4b715f19f.jpg_srz_340_260_75_22_0.50_1.20_0-1 journey of math explorations that involve bite-sized activities of increasing complexity. Children are continuously rewarded and offered help when necessary. SlateMath builds a solid understanding of the math skills required for the children's age group. Used in both classroom and home settings. The professional version allows teachers to customize the materials for specific study programs and class need, including teacher dashboards, assessment tools, class diagnostics, and screen sharing. It facilitates a blended learning model that combines frontal teaching with self-paced practice. ea1b59_a35d12162765e7288a0bee83c7ebfc0d.jpg_srz_327_260_75_22_0.50_1.20_0  
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