Slice Fractions by Ululab

  imgres-1Slice Fractions from French app developer Ululab is a "mammoth" exploration into an old Ice Age world filled with blocks of ice and oozing lava. At the onset of my first exploration, I wondered how this app was going to teach my students about fractions. It appeared to be more about solving the puzzles and clearing a pathway for the adorable Woolly Mammoth to continue on his journey then learning about the concept of fractions. This aspect of solving the puzzles and breaking up/slicing the blocks of ice to clear the path is definitely addicting and keeps the user engaged. Luckily, while students are having fun solving the puzzles the developers begin to introduce the basic mathematical fraction content. The puzzles gradually become more complex and students learn how to slice/divide the blocks of ice into fractions. Make your child hungry for his or her next math discovery! Knowing that slicing games are incredibly fun, we teamed up with university education experts to craft a creative and new way to learn fractions.  imgresimgres-2Slice fractions contain 60 levels and each level must be solved before moving on to the next one. It may take several attempts to progress to the next level (depending on the ability of the user) however each attempt promotes critical thinking skills since the user has to reflect upon what they did wrong and then evaluate another way to break up the ice blocks into the equal fraction parts that will solve the puzzle. Once they are able to figure it all out, the obstacles are removed from the wooly mammoths path. There are some hints to assist the user if they repeatedly make the same mistake.


The game covers the following fraction concepts: + Part-whole partitioning + Numerator / Denominator notation + Equivalent fractions + Fraction ordering + Subtracting fractions from 1 One last adorable feature that deserves mentioning is that as the woolly mammoth character solves the puzzles and walks across the path, he earns new hats that are just as adorable and comical as he is!  My students loved exploring this old world Ice Age approach to learning about fractions and they especially couldn't wait to see what new hat they earned for the wooly mammoth!
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  About the Author -1Lisa Carew, MS Educational Technology; MA in Literacy; BA; AAS, is an elementary school teacher currently teaching third grade in Southampton, New York. Her diverse educational experiences and expertise as a general education teacher in a Dual Language Classroom provides insight into the daily pedagogical shifts currently taking place in classrooms throughout the nation. Lisa’s ongoing collaborations with bilingual educators, special educators, TESOL teachers, administrators, and parents reflect firsthand how technological applications are supporting student’s learning, teacher’s teaching, and parents parenting!
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  1. […] Slice Fractions from French app developer Ululab is a “mammoth” exploration into an old Ice Age world filled with blocks of ice and oozing lava.  […]